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THE NATIONAL DEBT IS NOW LARGER THAN US PRIVATE DEBT AND WILL INEVITABLY CAUSE A DEVALUATION IN THE DOLLAR - (In other words, the government is planning to make your money worthless.)


Sins of the Democratic Party

Sins of the Green Party

Sins of the Libertarian Party

Sins of the Republican Party

Last Presidential Race and what you should have known...

You HAD more than two choices despite the fact CNBC, MSNBC, ABC, Fox et al refuse to acknowledge them in order to support the corporations that fund their commercials and the two major candidates. -MPM

I prove my points below.

Bob Barr - Libertarian - - His Record - His Money

Alan Keyes - American Independent (Not to be confused with being an Independent) - - His Record - His Money

John McCain - Republican - - His Record - His Money
Top Contributors - Merril Lynch, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co., AT&T

Cynthia McKinney - Green - - Her Record - Her Money

Ralph Nader - Independent - - His Record - His Money

Barack Obama - Democrat - - His Record - His Money
Top Contributors - Goldman Sachs, University of California, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Harvard University

Now go do the right thing and please set a better example for your children and stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Please sober up.

-Michael Patrick Murphy

Today's task:

Know your state;

California has 480 cities and 100 charter cities. It has 58 counties. The city of San Francisco is also a county!

New Placer County

"As folks slowly become better informed and more active politically, the Libertarians offer something most political parties do not - integrity!"

-Michael Patrick Murphy, Author of "The Government"




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Conspiracy 101 - How Banks Run Governments

"A short video gives the story behind one of the worlds oldest and largest conspiracies."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),July 12, 2013

Take a look at the story of the Rotschilds involvement in our history through this video.

Or perhaps you've heard the Rothschild Waterloo story, here's another video.

Alright, that was all in good fun. So now that banks foreclose on property and thereby own it, is that worth more than the free currency banks get to lend to us?

Assuming the above is true, what are you going to do, follow the rich and powerful moves on the storckmarket, grow with the bubble? When will you get out?

The American Disabilities Act - Government Corruption at its worst

"The Ultimate Evidence that America is more Communist than not."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),January 28, 2013

On September 25, 2008, the theoretically Republican, President George W. Bush signed the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) into law. These amendments were supposedly intended to give more protection for disabled workers and void certain court rulings that Congress deemed too restrictive. In my humble opinion, Congress, both the House and the Senate, are arms of the Communist Party. Only communists would require government activiities such as the ADA and the ADAAA.

ADA StreetKeeping in your mind that I am not a Republican (like George Bush), imagine me walking towards my girlfriend's independent insurance office where a car is parked against the curb on the right in the narrow road with a sidewalk-less building on the left. You can see the dangerous blind curve where cars drive too fast to see you in the middle of the road where I would theoretically have to walk to get around the parked car. There used to be a few steps where you could enter the sidewalk in front of her office before the street and stay off the road altogether. ADA StepsHowever, the American Disabilities Act (ADA), in its ultimate bureaucratic wisdom, had the owner take out the steps making the situation more dangerous than it was prior to removal. She took herself and the dog the dangerous way. I plodded through the new landscaping that filled the space where the steps used to be. Hence, a safe situation was made unsafe by the ADA and its administrators.





"More Samples of ADA Idiocracy"

ADA Dry CleanersIts bad enough in a the now communist America where so many people are paid to produce "nothing." It's worse when people are paid to destroy "something" that had value. That is the whole history of the 1990 American Disabilities Act which has inconvenienced billions of people in the name of making life easier for the handicapped, something most handicapped people don't even condone and didn't request. Recently, since the recession has caused so many Americans to lose their jobs, the ADA has stepped up its compliance enforcement, driving more businesses under and thereby causing more unemployment. Of course the hypocrisy was really done in the name of employing more people to waste money on more non-productive activities surrounding the re-building of handicap facilities to meet stricter requirements. The construction industry (if they already had ADA compliant offices) would benefit some, albeit at the expense of most other industries.

Not totally convinced about the evils of the ADA? Imagine that the same building owner had to totally redo the handicapped parking for the second time in his property across the street because the slant was off an inch making it imperceptibly more difficult for the wheelchair folks to maneuver. The expensive asphalt and curb construction was still fresh from the last attempt at compliance. To make matters worse, both handicapped spots were placed in front of a dry cleaner where folks jump out on their cars on the way to work to drop off their clothes and then run. Now, it is less convenient for most folks to go to that dry cleaner. And the spots were probably only used by handicapped folks once or twice in the past month. (It's okay. We all need the exercise and shouldn't be in such a hurry, right?)

In Rocklin, California, I saw an ADA compliance advisor driving a very expensive new huge 4x4 with at least 6" lifters and very expensive logo signage on the doors and rear tailgate. He appeared to be making some big bucks. Meanwhile, in that same town, California Storage Centers was forced, in order to meet new standards, to spend over 20,000 to put in the yellow dot strips and totally redo what used to be ADA compliant access to their restrooms. Like in my girlfriend's case, rents on units immediately went up in an attempt to pay for the "improvements." The storage unit manager hadn't seen a wheel chair customer in over a year. You might say that $20,000 was spent on nobody. Good job, United States government, Congress, and ADA lobbyists. You seem bent of ruining this country.

Meanwhile, more important than most folks realize, China is further kicking our economic butt while we piddle around wasting our time and money on such things as the ADA. It's just another reason that California has slid from the world's 3rd greatest economy to 11th. A poorer nation simply can't do as much to help anyone, let alone the poor and handicapped.

"Don't Blame the Handicapped Folks!"

Meanwhile, there is some resentment against handicapped people. We live in fear that they will come to our establishment and sue the hell out of us. That's right, we fear the handicapped folks.

One day, a few handicapped folks using canes were getting a pizza in the store next door. I had a gut feeling they would visit my store next. I was terrified. I ran around making sure my aisles were clear for 10 minutes in preparation for the possibility. Then, to my horror, they actually came into my store. The power they wielded in my mind was getting the better of me. We talked. I was overly warm and friendly. The fellow actually used to work for the ADA. Oh my God! I thought I was done for. I'd have to close my business like so many others have had to do. Instead, he informed me what a rotten organization they were and they both ended up being some of my best customers to this day.

Let's not blame handicapped folks for the ADA. It's not their fault, but rather the fault of big money using the government to make more money. The government, for these gold diggers, is a sledge hammer to use on everyone else to make money for contractors and lawyers, and to eliminate corporate competition from small businesses that can't afford the expense of the ADA.Wal-mart, who is the number one marketer of Chinese goods in America, has no problem staying ADA compliant. They can do that by buying Chinese goods, that fund brand new Chinese submarines, and by keeping part timers that don't get fulltime benefits and thereby saving money to pay for such things as ADA compliance. The snowball continues to roll downhill. When you don't have benefits, the chances of your becoming handicapped from diabetes and other undiagnosed or untreated ailments become greater. Ah, but who's paying attention to the whole story, anyway? Both my girlfriend and I can't afford medical insurance. But someone spent billions of dollars on empty handicap spaces. Still, I always think of my handicapped friends and family. It's not their fault.

"So What Can We Do?"

So I've compiled a list of people that you should point your fingers at. (I draw the line just a hair short of open season on ADA lobbyists.)

1. All lobbyists and corporate folks that try to increase ADA power and funding. Don't have them over for dinner and disown them if they are your children. :-)

2. All folks that make a profit helping everyone comply with ADA power. All those that bring suits for ADA non-compliance. They usually have ulterior motives, the first of which is to make a ton of money and to live happily ever after. Don't have them over for dinner either.

3. All the politicians that help the ADA. Find out who they are in your state and recall them immediately. If they're up to no good here, they are probably on the take and up to no good elsewhere. Folks like California's notorious Nancy Pelosi come to mind. She's just another congressional inside trader. All her correspondence begs for money to keep her sorry soul in office. It's time for her to pay the piper. Come on California, get serious.


There. I've said it. Now go forth and slay the ADA. Help those that need it as they enter your property because you want to and not because the ADA makes you do it. Be a better person. Don't require the rest of the world to adjust to your differences and be thankful for the many, many Americans that are compassionate enough to bend over backwards to help out of the less fortunate around the world. We don't need government to make us love and be kind to our fellow human beings.

Obama is Sworn in while Democrats Favor More Taxes on the Rich.

"If you have discipline, you will understand what I'm about to say."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),January 21, 2013

Swearing in for Obama, Bush and the past 10 presidents is an oxymoron. They all have lied and degraded the Constitution rather than defend it. Every four years, we repeat this charade. The big thing is a recent trend that it is okay to raise taxes. Americans tend to forget that most taxes are percent based, and while the rich and powerful, especially Congressmen and women tend to rip the system off, we have to remember that when you raise taxes you raise the percentages, not just the amount of taxes collected. You're not asking for a one time hit to payoff some debt. Then Congress will spend most of the increase on waste and inefficiency, something the government specializes in and does quite well. California is a typical example of a state that spends on waste, graft and corruption, while fast becoming a state that can't produce anything the world needs. As a Californian, I am losing value to the rest of the world. Heck, I don't even have money to spend on other countries, crap, let alone produce anything they'd want, other than good ideas that I've offered here that other countries should head as well. However, logic falls on deaf ears here at home as it does abroad, so I brace for the coming revolution. The world will re balance, but at what cost?

While the rich should pay their fair share and not be allowed to bribe Congress to get around it, we should not deceive ourselves into thinking that more government spending is the answer to our problems. The largest tax is the government printing press which has no real controls on it. We are taught by government to ignore that fact. Recall your congressman and senators that abuse us. That will send a clear message. Then learn to be vigilant rather than apathetic. Apathy only makes the problems worse.

Most Voters will Choose Between Darth Vader and Darth Maul this Election

"Others will vote for the best man for the job, Gary Johnson"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),November 5, 2012

I'm sure George Washington is rolling in his grave by now. Americans actually have the government they deserve, one that is the result of their arrogance, apathy and ignorance, and not the one Washington envisioned. Campaign organizers and Demopublican leaders are happy that American sheep have still been led down the same old path of "giving up" on America that will lead to their systematically planned New World Order. George isn't happy and neither am I. We are truly disappointed in most modern Americans. They are indeed sunshine patriots who support God, King and Country over individual liberty and freedom. I'm not holding my breath that Americans will become more responsible or more informed or less apathetic. As they lose their dollars, starve, and continue to bloody themselves in the Middle East, they will eventually have no choice but to finally understand what I'm talking about.. I just choose not to go down that path with them. I will try to protect myself and my family from these so-called Americans and I will vote for the Libertarian, Gary Johnson. I refuse to waste my vote on more of the same old' failing dishonest rhetoric of "Rombama" and the rigged election that they won across this nation." You want to vote for them? You go girls and guys. Show your kids how after spending all their money, that you voted for Darth Maul or Darth Vader while Luke Skywalker was also running for office. As Princess Amidala noted in Star Wars, "So this is how democracy dies, amid thunderous applause." Shame on you American minions. You have made this a nation without a soul or backbone. Now that will be the bed you lie in and one you well deserve.. Me? I will vote for the best man for the job, like my father before me and his father before him. That is the lesson I leave for your children. I am a man, not a sheep, lemming or ostrich like most male American voters. Go watch a football game and have pizza. Stay thoroughly entertained while Rome falls. It's your choice. Or, you could stand tall and set an example for your children and the generations that follow as did George Washington.

The Internet Sales Tax

"Funny how one crime deserves another..."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),July 10, 2012

Contrary to the opinion of most American's favoring a flat sales tax, I am strongly opposed to all sales taxes. They are accounting nightmares for American business, especially small ones. They are extremely unethical and immoral, too.

You have to understand that the United States government is the largest mafia protection racket in the history of the world. It under insures everything from foreign governments to homeowners. It collects a mandatory fee with heavy penalties and consequences for those that refuse to pay. They can levy bank accounts without notice and are immune from constitutionally protected bankruptcy. He who can afford the biggest lobbyist wins some relief—all others to the back of the bus!

Now imagine that the government wants money, and tells you to go collect it for them. You are now doing a government service, using your own time and money to collect their taxes for them. By law, you must act as a tax collector for free. You have no choice. This is yet another example of theft that also forces all retail businesses to work for the government and not for themselves. This is just a short hop, skip and a jump to the complete concept of communism as laid out by Karl Marx. You all should read it, sometime before you start separating socialism from communism in your minds.

Now they want more than the money they stole from the value of our currency income and various other taxes. The cost of socialism, i.e. corporate and personal welfare is so great that I guess they finally realize that even our great, great grandchildren won't be able to pay the system back. Therefore, according to whichever party is in power, we need to pay even more of our current dollars. This is not just redistribution of wealth, this is redistribution of our future generations' wealth.

I would say give me a break from my sleepy fellow Americans that simply put their heads in the sand and don't fire their Congressman, Senators and President, and then replacing them all with some that get it and that somehow get elected without taking all the big money that lobbies for such communist favors from our "generous" government. Of course it is easy to spend money that comes from future generations that don't even have a vote yet.

The reality is that this system will keep the poor, poor AND add to the rolls of the impoverished over time. I know it promotes the "New World Order" and I know that's the whole idea here, so I guess you should just get back to your reality TV show and junk food. For you, "resistance if futile." After all, I guess the average American is just too average to be responsible for our government anymore. Why even bother with elections. After all, they are just one more expense that future generations will have to pay for and we Americans are not really awake when we vote anyway. That is apparent in how we vote for liars that promise change and only give us the "same 'ol, same 'ol."

The End is Nearer than You Think

"Funny how calm it is, just before the storm"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),July 3, 2012

It's my birthday today. I'm 57. I did a few things. I published a couple of books and wrote a few flaming articles to set American tails on fire. I guess I didn't just sit around and let lobbyists eat my lunch without a fight. At least I tried to do something.

So as I look around myself, here's the state of the state that was actually founded on July 2, 1776, not July 4th—but what do most Americans care? The sunshine patriots will wave their flags tomorrow while driving the cars their great grandchildren will be paying for. Sorry there's not enough of them to spread the burden we've placed on their future generations.

Corporations are still held hostage by ruthless mafia type politicians like Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah). They fight back with lobbyists that try not only to save them from the extortion, but that try to get 'em a little extra "sumpin sumpin" on the side from America's two largest crime families, the Republicans and Democrats. Read Perry Willis and James Wilson's excellent article about how the lobbying industry has screwed us into a nut and how we need to get back to founding intentions. Does it require a revolution?

This year I watched other Americans decide to have Mel Brooks, (Mit Romney) run against President Obama. Obama's got double the war chest and will probably need it even though it really doesn't matter to me which loser wins. They probably don't really have that much in common, but they're all funny guys in a sick kind of way. That decision should keep us on the same road to hell, a road most Americans deserve. Ignorance is not quite bliss these days, but there's still food on the table and television, so why get our dander up? Besides, more than half of us are on the take or should I say, government dole. Corporate welfare is certainly on the rise and that's fair because we already bailed out the rest of the world's companies anyway. Why don't you follow their money. makes it easy. Microsoft and Google are there for Obama and Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase are there for Romney. Are you still buying or using their products? Of course you are! Most Americans probably wouldn't know how not to. Don't try to hide from me. If you are using AT&T and an iPhone, I know exactly where you stand. Thank God for GPS.

In America, the road to hell is paved with no intentions at all. We are the epitome of mental laziness. Critical thinking is simply too hard for us. Facebook is more our speed. And by the by, Hewlett Packard can't seem to make a printer that keeps working anymore and Intuit can't account for anything worth beans, both companies caused me hair loss this year. Considering how long we've had accountants and how long HP has been making printers, I have to ask, "Can't we Americans do anything right?"

Why not just let the Chinese Navy govern our us and take over our corporations. We should get something for our money. After all, we paid for their navy. Most kids don't care one way or another. Of course the first baby boomers are checking out of here by the skin of their skinny chin, chins and they certainly don't want to mess with Medicare or their social insecurity. The kids won't have that luxury. Soylent Green is probably going to be their answer to getting out of paying for retired folks that have outlived their usefulness.

The California State Board of Equalization has just equalized me by draining every dollar from my checking account without any warning or notice. I thought we were talking about a payment plan. I guess the 21 year old they hired saw things differently on her end of the phone. Oh well, who needs to work anyway. The welfare office is only two miles away. (The things the government does to rid the world of trouble makers like me.)

My cat went missing last week. I suspect the Feds might have had something to do with that. My cat did comeback after the fireworks last weekend—probably just a warning to scare me. Maybe, it's better to just go along with the prescribed program and quit complaining. Or, maybe I'll join my other fellow Americans and stick my head in the sand. What do you think I should do? Write me!

The Christian Wrong

"Why the Christian Wrong is Losing Souls"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),January 31, 2012

I was listening to a gay rights activist on the radio the other day talk about how they are up against national Christian PAC money pretending to be local money. He was doing his best to get his civil rights message out, but was angered by some Christians, I'll call them the Christian Wrong, trying to run his life through coercion with government. It's true that government is used as a hammer by a lot of Christian organizations to cast stones at everyone from muslims to gay and lesbian folks.

The irony is that at the same time, these organizations try to make public the fact that Christianity is under attack on all fronts. So we end up with a lot of angry non-Christians and Christians alike. All this after billions have been spent to use the government to enforce God's laws as seen by Christians, many of whom don't really live by God's laws anyway. Only half have stayed with their spouses until death did them part, anyway. Do broken promises constitute lies? Sometimes.

In psychology, there is the premise that we hate most in others, what we hate within ourselves. We have a social and personal tendency to cast stones when we ourselves live in glass houses. This is basically how many Christians have managed their own destruction.

When one considers mankind's biblical free agency, we see that Jesus does not carry an M-16 to defend the Holy Land. We find he doesn't produce Armageddon. He also doesn't seem to steal from one man to give to another. Some Christians love to act as judge, jury and executioner giving all sorts of reasons why doing so is okay, because it protects their children, etc. Those reasons were used to justify various crusades, inquisitions and witch trials, even to justify Hitler's activities in the beginning.

Well, if your gong to piss off all the non-Christians by legislating against them, don't act so offended when they don't like you and when they don't want to become like you. Why do some Christians think one man's war against people is terrorism and a group war against one person is not? Isn't the dropping of a bunker buster bomb on a village terrible? I can think of no other act that does more to create terrorists. And, if you create terrorists, aren't you kind of like Charles Manson sending his minions to cause terror? Do you think for a moment after all that has come to light, that the United States has been guilty directly or through its partners of committing equally heinous acts?

People are slowly starting to understand and support Ron Paul for President

Why is that? The answer to this is simple. Like George Washington, Americans are learning late to heed Ron Paul's recommendation to not intervene in the internal affairs of foreign governments. I would add that we should clean up our own house and do the right things here, by setting an example for other nations rather than by trying to force them to be like us, while we Americans haven't even done the best job of "being like us." This is as true personally as it is for governments. If you think you're so great then show me. If I agree, then I'll want to try to be like you. But if you try to make me be like you, I'm going to fight with you.

Learn to live by example and quit trying to play God. If you aren't listening and continue to try to force people to live by your Christian rules, don't cry about the fact that Christianity is under attack. You brought it on yourselves by not being good Christ-like Christians. It's your choice under your own free agency. Good luck.

Mitt Romney Slammed by "Winning our Future"!

"Slick Videos and Politics as usual."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),January 14, 2012, (updated January 16, 2012)

The political organization "Winning Our Future" is blasting folk's in boxes with a new video demonstrating how Mitt Romney hurt thousands of people through the machinations of Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. There was a lot of money poured into the video done, as we learn after the video plays, on behalf of Newt Gingrich. Click the link above if you want to see it.

The irritating thing is that the video is slickly done and wording hides the facts of the matter in more than one instance. We can't exactly blame Gingrich because the group is theoretically independent from the Gingrich campaign. However, there's far too much production funding involved for Newt not to know about it. So for those of you that got the email blast, let's see what's out there on Newt. Try "Restoring Our Future's" video and the news report on it that slams him. The irony in both the groups' names can't be missed.

An additional proof of being part of the "politics as usual" gang is that John Huntsman, upon quitting his own failed race, now endorses Romney. Up to that point, the guy sounded better than everyone, but Ron Paul.

I hope you had fun watching both the video links that I provided. The whole matter just put's me more firmly into the Ron Paul Camp. Too bad Dr. Paul thought it necessary to run as a Republican. Unfortunately, that was probably a good decision. Folks just are not educated enough about government, history and politics to understand Libertarians, nor to actually vote for someone outside the two failing parties.

Support Ron Paul for President

In my "ever to be humble" opinion, Ron Paul is the only real American non-establishment puppet running in the Republican primary, and for the first time in 200 years, thanks to the Internet, a lot of folks are starting to listen. You can follow all his speeches and debates on You Tube. If you want to change our elegant totalitarian state back into a country "of the people, by the people and for the people," I strongly suggest you watch the video and consider voting for Ron Paul, even if you need to temporarily change your registration at the post office to vote in the Republican primary.

Ron Paul's Foreign Policy is the best the World has never seen!

"Sometimes sweet people are not good, sometimes mean people are."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),January 4, 2012

MSNBC continues its attempt to eliminate Ron Paul from minds of we the "people." This is simply further proof that the mainstream media is working for the rich and powerful that have always run the planet. To trust MSNBC is to be a sheeple. You've been bamboozled. Short of lying about Ron Paul or denouncing his excellent foreign policies, ones that "first in war and first in peace" George Washington would have been proud of, MSNBC simply ignores him and wants you to do the same. He's portrayed as either non-existent or a crack pot or an old man. Yet he's the only candidate that flatly addresses the real issues and offers solutions now. The rich and powerful can't seem to buy Ron Paul, and that's a problem for them and their lobbyists. For example, on MSNBC's "First Read" website, we don't see Ron Paul mentioned on the debate recap. Perhaps we are being led to believe he wasn't even there. What is MSNBC afraid of? Perhaps its losing control of their own minds. Get on the Internet friends. Quit being a lemming. Complete communism is right around the corner led by MSNBC. We the people must end our apathy and ignorance or pay the price, or more correctly, pass the price onto future generations. We apparently haven't paid dearly enough yet.

Why is Ron Paul's Foreign Policy Spot on?

In George Washington's farewell address, he warned Americans not to join political parties and not to let the country get involved in the internal affairs of foreign governments with entangling treaties, etc. Ron Paul is an advocate of this sage wisdom. Of course from the start, we had the Federalists and anti-Federalists, and its been downhill ever since John Adams ran his partisan Alien and Sedition Acts, and Jefferson entangled us in the Barbary Wars. The people don't really read history and have therefore enabled the rich and powerful to manipulate the U.S. Constitution and our politicians to work in their favor against us. Ron Paul offers us a chance to understand what the Constitution is all about. If you look at our long history of war, one that includes the fact that we are still at war with North Korea, you will find that almost all of them started with our intervention in the opposition country's internal affairs. In fact, if you look at the United States role in the leading the world in Eugenics and condemning Germany as being fully responsible for World War I, there is a strong case that World Wars 1 and 2 are based upon our interventions. With a little research, you might find that George Washington is easier to prove right than wrong. Of course the Rothschilds, Morgans and Rockefellers might beg to differ. Those were big money making years for them. Look deeper and you find interventions by the U.S. in both China and the Soviet Union that contributed to the cold war. We actually invaded both countries. Did China or the Soviet Union ever invade the United States? Remember, I say this as the biggest anticommunist you know. Theft based government doesn't bode well for its citizens. The problem is, capitalist countries fade into the same types of thefts without popular supervision, something lacking in the modern free world as the rich and powerful manipulate both the capitalist and communist regimes. Democracy in capitalist countries only works when the people are active and educated. As honest and disciplined as the people are, so will go there government. Don't for a moment think I am a supporter of Soviet of Chinese forms of government. I'd just like to see our's run better. Left alone, both China and the Soviet Union would fall of their own weight. We don't and didn't need to push them over the edge. They were going there anyway. Actually, we've propped up both governments. Our government produced inflation caused us to buy cheap Chinese goods. Our donations to the Soviets kept and still keep them afloat. Now, we are in debt to China and today you might as well say that the Bank of China owns us. All thanks to U.S. intervention in the internal affairs of foreign governments. George, "Is anybody listening to dead presidents?"

Support Ron Paul for President

Ron Paul is the only real American non-establishment puppet running in the Republican primary, and for the first time in 200 years, thanks to the Internet, a lot of folks are starting to listen. You can follow all his speeches and debates on You Tube. If you want to save our country, I strongly suggest you watch the videos. Fight your tendency to give in to the rich and powerful's desire for you to support their two very bribable parties.

Socialism vs. Communism

"Sometimes sweet people are not good, sometimes mean people are."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),November 25, 2011

I find that most people have their own definitions for socialism and communism. A Republican doesn't care for either term and Democrats tend to like the word socialism better. Rush Limbaugh would call some, if not most Democrats, "bleeding heart liberals." That's because liberals tend to believe that government has a part to play in making the world fair for everyone. Nobody should starve or go without health care, and government has a role to play there. Republicans, tend to disagree for the most part.

There are moral flaws and dilemmas in both Republican and Liberal thinking. Both should realize, as the government tries to manage just about everything, that it is doing so with stolen money—money that was taken at the point of a gun. The reason that nobody has confidence in just about any portion of the economy is that one never knows what industry or individual is about to be hit next or which will receive largess next. Instability and insecurity grow from government intervention more than from any other single source and that has a huge impact on investment in "in-securities" and on the economic health of the planet.

There is no pretty communism. Socialism is simply English communism, perhaps because the English didn't like the phonetic closeness of the word communism with communion and church. Otherwise, the words are essentially interchangeable. Get used to it. Marx and Engels wrote about socialism interchangeably with communism in their seldom read or understood book, the Communist Manifesto. Anytime government takes over the means of production and private capital, you've got communism and/or socialism. From A to Z, and from Social Security to the Minimum Wage, it's still true.

For you liberals out there, socialism is not "pretty" communism. That's just a figment of your utopian imagination. And yes, the money used to facilitate either comes from theft. No wonder the communists don't like religion so much! Even though there are such creatures out there that call themselves Christian Socialists, I don't think Jesus advocated stealing stuff from one persona and then giving it to someone else. You know Christmas doesn't even work that way, right?

You might say that Christians are the sweet people and Republicans are the mean ones. Of course most folks reading this are already disputing the comment for good reason. Sometimes Christians are mean and sometimes Republicans are nice. The same holds true for Democrats and Atheists. Sometimes, all of the above are loved. In the end, no matter what path you've chosen, love will turn the most adamant political advocates into hypocrites at one time or another. Love (and not sweetness or meanness) always wins. Ask Jesus!

Congress is Full of "Crud"

"If what Congress does in front of our faces is bad, you should see the "crud" they pull behind our backs!"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),November 14, 2011

Every time Congress beats the drums of war in unison, as they did in 2001 to 2006, we are in for more laws that limit our freedom of speech and other aspects of our daily lives. Few people have heard of the 2005 Stolen Valor Act which makes it special misdemeanor for unauthorized persons to wear, buy, sell, trade or manufacture decorations or medals authorized by Congress for members of the armed services OR to falsely represent themselves as having received such a medal or decoration. Convictions can result in up to a year in prison.

I remember a fellow who told everyone he came into contact with that he earned a purple heart. Just before he died, it was rumored that he gave the medal back to the person he theoretically "borrowed" it from. Of course, after hearing all the war tales and about his escaping twice from a Chinese prison after getting captured at the Chosen Reservoir in Korea, AND after hearing about how some guy was pretending to be a Korean War Marine veteran and how that upset this fellow, I was more than a little miffed when I tried to look him up on the Federal list of Purple Heart recipients and found he wasn't named there. But I leave it with my disappointment and that's that. For Congress to make a special law about the lie is absurd. Throughout history, medals and decorations have been bought, sold and traded to militaria collectors around the world. But as of 2005, that's become illegal. Who gets them after the recipient dies? What if there is no family to receive or maybe the family doesn't care? Doesn't Congress have something better to do like quit spending money we don't have? Those Congressman, motivated by patriotic chauvinism, that voted for this should have been spanked and sent home. We don't need special laws for specific types of lies or special penalties if someone kills a public official. People in the military and politicians shouldn't get preferential treatment any more than police and firemen. They don't get special funerals either. Just because tax money goes to pay for all of this, doesn't mean they can give themselves royal status. There are many unsung heroes that were not cops, firemen, politicians or soldiers. Where's their special taxpayer funded funerals?

Equality Under the Law

Liars are liars. Thieves are thieves and murderers are murderers. It doesn't matter who they steal from or who they kill. The penalty should be the same for all, if we are indeed equal under the law, which we apparently are not. Otherwise, you are essentially making public officials into royalty. Don't even let me get started on their preferential benefit packages, also funded by the taxpayer's dime.

The Rich and Powerful Have Always Run the Planet

"For Starters, Ron Paul's Attack on the Federal Reserve is Spot On"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),October 10, 2011

Coming Money TrustIf I ask most Americans if the rich and powerful run the planet, they would agree. If I ask if they always ran the planet, they would further agree. If I ask if we're merging into a one world government, less would agree and most wouldn't be sure. The formation of the Federal Reserve was the "piece de resistance" to putting America under the control of its largest banks. The goals were to eliminate competition and gain access to free money and to enable the printing of money beyond anything that could support it. Read G. Edward Griffin's best selling book, The Creature from Jekyll Island for a more complete story.

Running for the presidency of the United States of America is arguably the only man between a restored America and the current elegant totalitarian state we live in. His name is Ron Paul, and today I am formally endorsing him for president. This is tuff me because I loathe the Republican and Democratic parties and the lobbyists that pander to them so much.

It's a dangerous proposition for Congressman Paul. The rich and powerful don't want to end the Federal Reserve, their entity put in place to enrich themselves. The media, owned by America's largest corporations pretend that Ron Paul isn't really running for president. The country is spiraling downward while the robber barons run off with the booty. Only Ron Paul has been consistently brave enough to speak truth to power all these years.

Rumor has it that the Republicans won't let him in. I believe that. He has carved a path despite all their efforts to ignore or discredit him. Now rumor has it that he might not win in the Republican primary, but failing that, were he to run afterwards as a Libertarian, Jesse Ventura might offer himself as a running mate. I'm for that combination of strength and maturity. But are Americans ready to dump the Demopublicans controlled by the rich and powerful? That is the question. Can Americans vote honorably? Can they vote for the best man for the job? Or are they going to vote for the lesser of two bo weevils yet again?

I appeal to all real Americans to stand tall this time. Have some backbone. Have some integrity. Vote for Ron Paul. I recommend that all independents and Libertarians re-register in time to vote in the Republican primary and then to vote for Congressman Ron Paul. Go back to your independent or Libertarian status right after the primary to lift the numbers back up for that group.

Let the rich and powerful know that average middle class Americans are still alive and kicking and not looking for a communist take over in name only by the world's richest and most powerful. Let them see that we value our freedom over the so-called safety they pretend to offer us. I beg Americans to grow some backbone before our otherwise inevitable fall from grace.

Ron Paul Leads by Wide Margin in Sacramento Bee Straw Poll as of 9/17/2011

Click here to see poll and participate.

Wednesday's "Rigged" Republican Debate

"Are Americans that Stupid Now?"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),September 9, 2011

Most Americans don't follow debate history much and don't realize that when Ross Perot threatened the Demopublican establishment that brought us all the wars and national debt, that those folks formed the Commission on Presidential Debates taking the forum from the League of Women's Voters and giving the power over debates to themselves virtually preventing any future Ross Perots.

Last nights Republican non-debate takes the crime to new levels, virtually slamming the candidates into each other and then focusing on the non-contenders, Governor Mitt Romney and Rick Perry making he real contenders seem like also rans. Apparently they all agreed to the format or wouldn't be invited at all. Such is the power of NBC. I hope most viewers saw the blatant sham for what it was, but I wonder. Let's hear more from Ron Paul and the others. This was the worst format I have ever seen and the Democratic and Republican caucuses should be ashamed of themselves. I'm sure glad I'm a registered independent.

How to fix the debates:

Perhaps we should start by having an independent group elected by the American people for their fairness and lack of bias run the show. If the Democrats and Republicans don't show up for the un-rigged debate we might get a hot alternative to the offerings of those two parties. America is almost over now. This is simply another symptom of the fall Americans have deserved for such a long, long time.

That's America.

"JP Morgan Chase's Jaime Dimon's Bank Represents the Worst of America"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),August 11, 2011

Most Americans don't follow history much and that's why companies like Chase Bank are able to survive and continue to trick the American people. They nickle dime us all with fees upon fees and tricky methods. I always feel a little slimed when I deal with them. That slime starts when I consider the history of J.P. Morgan and continues through the creation of the Federal Reserve, through the housing bubble and onto my present relatively minor situation.

I've been following Jaime for years and was typically more than ashamed of the folks on CNBC gushing forth their admiration for the guy's little American pep talk. He really should run for president. He would fit right in with the rest of the slime there.

Today, I keep a minimum balance in my Chase checking account because, I confess, I accepted their hundred dollar bribe to open it and I would then have a finger on the banks pulse for articles like this. I would never bank with Chase, the Darth Vader of American Banks, if it weren't for that bribe and that finger. I have to admit that I liked the feeling of taking Chase's money. It was almost like getting a tax refund. All I had to do was use the ATM 5 times a month to keep from paying their $12 monthly service charge, or so their representative told me. However, there are other "fine print" strings attached that are typical of modern banks that have no ethics or morals..

Then, the real Chase came out. On the 7/28/11 I had about a $10 balance. I needed to make 1 or 2 more ATM charges for the month of July in order to escape their service charge. So I went and made a few small purchases under the $10 in the account on 7/28. That was a Thursday. Fine, I thought. Even the teller explained that I needed another charge that same day.

Well, I ran up 2 atm charges at Mcdonalds and another on the 29th for good measure. It was a 31 day month. Chase did'nt post them until the following Monday, August 1, 2011. So on the 31st, Chase charged my account $12 service charge. At that point, my account was overdrawn. Then they posted the small items I had charged on the 28th and 29th on the 1st of August. Since the account was now overdrawn, they charged me an additonal $35 per each item. My charges were both under $6. So now, I owed the evil bank $70 plus dollars. That's about as crooked as you can get. Customer service wouldn't budge. They informed me of their process and that it was somewhere in the 6 point font in my card agreement. After going up a few levels of management, they agreed to release me from all but about $28 of my obligation.

That's America. They use my money paying no interest to me, then make a fortune on thousands of various charges upon charges. In my opinion, Chase and Jaime Dimon have no ethics or values. They run this country because they can lobby our government to allow them the privilege of supporting the rich and powerful at everyone else's expense.

Hey, if you're in foreclosure with Chase and end up filing for bankruptcy or short selling, don't feel sorry for that bank. The whole financial scam has left a banking monopoly with Chase on top. So file away with no regrets to the bank. Cheers!, Mr. Dimon. You're at the top of one of the Nation's crappiest banks. I'll stick to my local credit union, thank you. Meanwhile, ride your bus and peddle your drivel to the country. And CNBC, I'm ashamed of all your envious stock folks. The sooner the country is rid of banks like Chase and bankers like Dimon, the better.

The full CNBC Transcript is here.

Debt to Pay Debt

"The World is Irresponsible"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter),August 11, 2011

The reason we are overdue for a worldwide economic collapse, at least in the so-called free world, is that governments refuse to demonstrate economic discipline and contine to borrow money to pay back money they already borrowed. Then they borrow more money to continue their day to day business.

Worldwide financial problems can be attributed to borrowing more money to payback the money you borrowed and to continue functioning. People in the United States demonstrated the process when they took out home equity loans assuming their homes would always go up in value. World governments and central banks assume the same scenario. They assume that mankind will produce more, thereby being able to pay the money back. They have been wrong for years and the bubble, like the real estate one, is growing daily while future generations will find themselves more and more burdened by the debt, ruining their own ability to produce goods and services, further exacerbating their ability to pay off the debt. Unemployed folks find it extremely difficult to pay back debt or even to borrow more money to survive economic disappointments.

When to Borrow Money

  1. Avoid borrowing money. Borrowing worldwide drives inflation. When nobody can get a loan, car and home prices drop. When anyone can get a loan, car and home prices go up.
  2. Borrow money for medical and possibly legal emergencies only.
  3. Only borrow when you are sure you can pay it back. Most borrowing is based upon some kind of gambling on the future. Its like losing at the casino and going to a loan shark for money to support your habit assuming that you'll win next time.
  4. Borrow to lower interest on current loans, but don't add to your debt. Watch out that the costs and term don't increase.

The Result

If folks borrow less, prices will go down and the world will become fiscally sound. You have a roll to play in the world. It requires honesty and discipline. If you want a responsible government and responsible businesses, you have to set the example at home and with your children.

More at

You Like Being Lied to.

"The American People Enjoy Fantasy and Fiction"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 20th July, 2011

Most Americans keep re-electing folks that keep taking the money to destroy the American economy. Large corporations,banks, developers and special interests do the seed funding for American elections all the way down to the local level. We expect expensive yard signs and lots of expensive junk mail. If a politician doesn't provide the status quo campaign, we become suspicious or don't feel that the politician is a serious contender. Lobbyists promote their "friends" and special interests to politicians carrying with them a direct or indirect bag of goodies that in effect mean they'll help get the career politician elected again so that the American people can continue seeing those yards signs and continue getting the junk mail. Because we are so simply taken, the system does not change. Congress seems to be at a financial impasse, but it's not. The government will simply print more money via the Federal Reserve. You won't be able to buy much with it, and you will continue to invest in risky "in-securities" in order to attempt to enable your money to beat the resulting inflation. The market appears to be going up with inflation, but it's riskier and its not buying anything more. You don't buy gold because you don't understand gold. Furthermore, you would rather watch the football game than understand it. Television has won your heart as much as the coliseums won the hearts of the ancient Romans.

In the end the American people have exactly the kind of government they deserve. The government itself is far from the original founding visions and much more of a communist institution where folks who lean on their shovels can often do better than many that work hard for their money. I know a welfare mom that has a higher standard of living than much of the middle class. Fairness and justice has been removed from the modern American equation. So when you go broke, you can see a bankruptcy attorney. Who needs to pay their bills anyway? And in the end, screwing the banks that screwed your country does seem like some form of justice.

The government lies to you about almost everything. The whole budget show is a game. Nobody talks about printing more money, their inevitable way out and the greatest tax on your wallet. Unemployment does not account for the huge and growing underemployed in America. Even the actual figures are constantly "revised" upwards. But you don't seem to mind. You still vote for the guy with the most meaningless yard signs. You don't study the candidates and the alternatives. You've abdicated your thrown and given up the country to the richest and most powerful families on the planet. You'd rather pick my article apart saying "I'm not one of those Americans" or I'm over 80, "I'd rather play golf," as the last generation able to do so. Perhaps you feel I have stereotyped Americans. You don't like generalization!. Just remember that I don't have a million dollar analysis team to tell me what you want to hear so I can win my next election.

If you know better, then try to help the children you have borrowed your green fees from. Try to instill knowledge and a moral compass into them—not the one you lost, but the one you should have had. Teach them to go to a candidate's record and to vote for the best man or woman for the job, not the lesser of two bo weevils. Begin an open season on lobbyists. It's time for them to feel isolated from the rest of us. Better to buy a homeless person a drink than to feed a lobbyist at Thanksgiving. Okay, I digress. Just try to get your stuff together before you die. After all, when you, yourself and you look back on your life, you'll want the three of you to say good things about you. I'm sure you won't want to remember yourself as the one who let down your country, your family and your grandchildren. Maybe that's why most folks don't put much on their tombstones these days.

Please join those that care about their country and watch a little less television.

Obama uses the American Family as an Example

"Why would you do that, Mr. President"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 15th July, 2011

The president made a big mistake this morning in his press briefing. It was really kind of funny and the press corp didn't seem to pick up on it. President Obama said that congress needs to do what American families do when they get in financial trouble, imagining that American families hunker down and quit spending. The fact is that they ring up credit cards and refinance houses until the monopoly banks won't allow them to do that. The government does the same thing, only worse. They raise the debt ceiling by borrowing from future generations—something American families can't do—and then they start printing reams of money. The Republicans are not now and have almost never been a bulwark against that. The one huge exception in that party is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. We have to applaud his consistency in attacking government spending, borrowing and the bank run Federal Reserve. The old saying that "when you're in a hole, you don't keep digging" should be the battle cry of all congressmen and women. Instead, they cater to corporate and special interest lobbyists looking for more candy from the candy store. The banks, the states, the cities and counties, all hire these pimps to help them get the candy in exchange for various assistance on congressional campaigns and sometimes in their personal affairs. Perhaps it's time for open season on lobbyists? I suppose the American people could stop befriending lobbyists and laws could be stiffer so that lobbyists are not even allowed to buy a congressman a bottle of water, but do we have the guts to do that? I no longer have faith in the American people. I don't think the American people will really do anything until they pry the TV from their cold dead hands.

The reality is that the banks are forming the monopoly they intended since 1913. Look at all the competition they wiped out. Did you notice that? One world currency is awaiting the collapse of the American dollar. Meanwhile, Republicans plan to let Obama raise the debt ceiling in exchange for certain meaningless activities. Remember that our two party tango is what got us into this mess in the first place. We need some fresh responsible leadership. Obama was not all that.

Will Rush Limbaugh pick up on Obama's mistake? I doubt it and who cares what that blowhard thinks anyway? Republicans, even Tea Party ones, have never been the answer to what ails America. The real question is, "How many Americans will pick up on it."? Will they ever throw the crooks out of office and create a Ron Paul government that is fiscally responsible?

Please, Americans, declare your independence. Watch less television.

In a Nutshell

"How Americans let Corporations, Special Interests and Lobbyists Kill the Country"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 12th June, 2011

Most Americans have their own vague unfocused idea of what's happened to the country. Unfortunately, it is one that has left them still laying on the couch watching TV and casting stones at other Americans. We vaguely understand that corporate and special interest lobbyists have been trying to coerce and bribe public officials in order to win favors for the entities they represent. We understand the shortcomings of our medical situation. We suspect inflation. We continue to invest in companies and people we know nothing about and understand that the only people that make money in the markets without luck, either guide the market by massive purchases and sales or have illegal insider trading information. You see, the system would rather you're an ignorant investor.

A friend of mine, already a professor with at least one doctorate under his belt, has been obsessed with what he perceives to be the controlled destruction of the country by a few rich and powerful people. He believes, as do many others, that bit by bit, the United States is being dismantled. The ultra rich and powerful understand how easy it is to move a planet when its residents, like the congressmen and women that represent them, can be bought and sold and even killed off for profit. If it is a conspiracy, as he believes that it is, then it is a natural one, having taken place so many times before in human history. The tentacles reach from the promotion of planetary diseases and wars to the destruction of our food supply. Ultimately, our minds might be coming under the control of these same folks.

Yes, the American people are anaesthetized by junk food, television and other forms of entertainment. We don't know history and therefore are indeed doomed to repeat it. Not only is our television diet controlled, but so is our edible one. The gatekeepers control every aspect of life on earth now. The plethora of information on the Internet confuses us and we devote so little time to sorting it all out.

Instead of moving forward in an organized and efficient manner, mankind is retreating to old thoughts and ideas. Religions are fighting to keep us within their flocks. Political parties fight to keep us voting in their favor. And all this is happening because we lack the honesty and discipline to control our own destinies.

The media divides us against one another. Divided, we become conquered as the disparity between the haves and the "have nots" grow greater.

Take a city like Detroit. There lies our future. Its police and infrastructure have been dying. Anyone with any sense has left the place. Take our medical situation. We are finding health care, to be an overwhelming problem for all of us. Even the very wealthy can't run from a failing medical system.

Mostly, this is about America losing its moral compass We have supplanted our individualism with collectivism. Our legal system is now a shambles and justice is simply too expensive.

Here's what needs to be done and how to do it.

1. Run fund and elect folks that don't take the money. Quit voting for anyone wearing the dirty stained label of Republican or Democrat. Register independent (or "Decline to State" in California). Vote for the best person for the job, not the lesser of two evils. It won't fix things over night, but it will start to cleanse the system so we can begin to fix it.

2. Take away lobbyists power to bribe and coerce public officials. Make laws that don't allow them to even buy a public official a glass of water. Lobbyists must meet an official in his office during business hours to state their cases. No more "gifts."

3. Quit vegging out. Start paying attention to what's really going on. Learn the history of our political institutions, such as the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service.

4. Remove the gatekeepers that try to filter our news and information. Open your mind to alternatives. Remember, we have opted to go backwards in our thinking. Never has it been more critical for the people of planet earth to grow up. You have vegetated enough! Now it time to become educated.

5. Lastly, become a better person. Set an example for our children. Become a better mother and father. Learn to say "no." Stop procrastinating, self medicating and making excuses for why it's okay to be lazy and okay to "not vote." Democracies require participation in order to be healthy and beneficial. Quit stealing from your children's future. Quit electing those that charge everything to future generations. Learn to pay as we go. Quit using credit. Let the banks and large companies go out of business. Quit bailing them out. Quit investing in people and companies you don't know anything about. This starts at home. How much do you think homes would cost if nobody got loans to buy them? That's right, not very much.

America starts with better Americans. If we are to again become strong and self reliant, we must act like winners ourselves. "Buy me, take me, show me" losers are weak. Right now, pick up a piece of paper and write down exactly how honest and disciplined you have been and start making changes in your diet and how you spend your time and money. If enough people do this, then America will start to heal. You must believe in America and that starts by believing in yourself.

Are Apple and Microsoft the Greatest Danger to World Peace?

"We are so dangerously committed that we can no longer see the forest through the trees"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 29th Mar, 2011

Americans are so focused on so many great calamities around that world that we are no longer keeping our eyes on the ball.

Sure, Tsunamis, Earthquakes and wars are very, very bad things. However, the dependence on unstable operating systems could cause far worse problems and are probably frustrating disaster relief worldwide as I write this. Take Apple's OS10 operating system, heralded by Apple as being the world's greatest. However, when any fool looks under the hood they can see the cracks in the infrastructure that are well, but only partially documented at

We already got a taste of what happens when governments turn off the Internet or limit its use as defined by almost every agreement we all sign to use the Internet onramps which define how you may or may not use the Internet. Can you imagine what happens when Apple, Microsoft, or Symantec, the greatest providers of viruses in the world, decide to turn on us? Imagine how much time and money has already been wasted on their crashes and hangs due to system upgrades. Companies have been destroyed by such problems. I remember how ironic it was that Intel, the most avant garde technology company in the world, waited until the last minute to install Windows NT 4.0 on its systems, I assume to wait for the operating system to prove itself. This occured years after the NT 4.0 was first introduced. Even Intel seemed afraid of the operating system.

Here we stand, an Apple and Microsoft dependent planet, giving untold power to folks like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, et al. Let's look at what I got back from Apple after my most recent operating system update to 10.6.7. (My last update to 10.6.6 left my computer unusable during a time when I desperately needed it to work. That cost me two almost useless trips to the Apple Store to attempt repairs. Eventually, I had to do hit or miss style analysis to fix the machine. I lost a computer week on that one)

Furthermore, these companies donate heavily to political campaigns to protect themselves from any governement intervention and oversight. While as a Libertarian leaning Independent, I get that government is seldom a problem solver and I remain an avid supporter of the free market. Mainly, "we the people" live with our eyes half shut, dependent on such flakey government oversight. If we correct that by opening our eyes and demanding more solid operating systems from the monopolies that make them, maybe we don't need government oversight unless an actual crime is committed. The fact is that society and government have enabled Apple and Microsoft to control us. In the end, it is "we the people" that must wake up and smell the coffee in order to fix the free enterprise system without using the heavy and inefficient hammer of government who's folks all have their shoelaces tied together.

For those loyal to Apple and trying to defend the whole technical industry, I offer the following proof which shows up after almost all updates to Apple's operating system on my Apple MacBook Pro. Apple pooh poohs this as an error in reporting, albeit one that is never ever fixed.

Repairing permissions for “MacBook 17 500 GB”
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/dt.jar", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/dt.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/jce.jar", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/jce.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/jconsole.jar", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/jconsole.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/management-agent.jar", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Classes/management-agent.jar".
User differs on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib", should be 95, user is 0.
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/dt.jar", should be lrwxr-xr-x , they are -rw-r--r-- .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/dt.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/jce.jar", should be lrwxr-xr-x , they are -rw-r--r-- .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/jce.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/management-agent.jar", should be lrwxr-xr-x , they are -rw-r--r-- .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/management-agent.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/security/blacklist", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/security/blacklist".
User differs on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Libraries", should be 95, user is 0.
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Libraries".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Resources/JavaPluginCocoa.bundle", should be drwxr-xr-x , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Resources/JavaPluginCocoa.bundle".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Resources/JavaPluginCocoa.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/deploy.jar", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Resources/JavaPluginCocoa.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/deploy.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Resources/JavaPluginCocoa.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/libdeploy.jnilib", should be -rwxr-xr-x , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Resources/JavaPluginCocoa.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/libdeploy.jnilib".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Home/lib/security/cacerts", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Home/lib/security/cacerts".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/deploy.jar", should be -rw-r--r-- , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/deploy.jar".
Permissions differ on "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/libdeploy.jnilib", should be -rwxr-xr-x , they are lrwxr-xr-x .
Repaired "System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Deploy.bundle/Contents/Resources/Java/libdeploy.jnilib".
Warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/" has been modified and will not be repaired.

Permissions repair complete



How To Cure America

"America can be fixed - Here's how!"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 29th Nov, 2010

America's power is declining worldwide in every way, including militarily. You can find reasons for this all over the Internet and even within the monopolized media. America is over, but not out. We are no longer a free country in any definition of the word and perhaps we never really were. As honest and disciplined as Americans have been, it is no wonder this fiasco has arisen.

As a group, Americans deserve what is happening to them. It is our own political laziness and lack of integrity that caused this mess. Spice that with some piss poor communications and a total lack of critical thinking, and we can see the writing on the wall quite clearly.

Fixing this requires us to fix ourselves first. After all, we created the problem in the first place. This means that Americans need to become more involved in and more responsible for those they elect to office. They need to outfund the corporations and special interests that own their representatives. Americans need to become more honest in their dealings with each other, which will stop giving food for communist thought and expansion here in the "Homeland."

Critical thinking is important and becoming a critical more self reliant thinker requires discipline. Taking responsibility for our actions requires integrity.

Until Americans improve themselves

If Osama were Chinese, Would We be Hunting Him?

"We are more than willing to support the Land of Unlimited Crimes Against Humanity, why not Osama bin Laden?"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 29th Nov, 2010

China still has family planning laws that make it illegal to have what the government deems as too many kids, which the Chinese refer to as "black children." Folks there are not allowed to move around without government permission. The government tool of preference is taking censuses. A silver lining that Americans could learn from is that many census workers in China have resigned due to the pressures of middle class Chinese refusing to take that census. China has many ways to be cruel and more to fund such cruelty around the world. They are the primary manufacturers of weapons for terrorist organizations, like Calqued.

After watching some Harvard courses on justice, it is clear to me that America's supposedly best and brightest are unwittingly devout communists—and it's not necessarily the teacher's fault. I think some of them seeing this are in "shock and awe." The kids just want us all to be taken care of by someone, preferably Bill Gates and other "wealthier than God" individuals. They fail to realize that a theft based governments like China's are best run by thieves.

China is now the primary benefactor of stolen American technology and has the capacity to surpass even our military development, should they see a benefit in doing so. But, alas, when so many Americans, from conservative Rocklin, California to liberal San Francisco want to be communist, why should they bother. The Chinese government may not be trusted by most Chinese, but they have certainly pulled the wool over the eyes of most Americans. We reflect our concerns in the market place and in the stock market. Apparently, China owns us and we're okay with that.

Do I want to support China? Me, I'd move all those that would migrate here to Harvard and ship all the communist students to China. Maybe that's not such a silly idea. The rest is really up to us and how much honesty and discipline we can muster and in that regard, I'm certainly not going to hold my breath waiting for my fellow Americans to join me.

Worse, I have to wonder if bin Laden would be chased were he a Chinaman?

I Took 6 Classes at Harvard Today!

"All were free on my iPod - It's cheaper and easier to get smart."
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 27th of Nov, 2010

I used to say that if we could live as happily on 20% of our income, we could afford modern government. The fact is that we can't. However, one can learn for less today. And learning is key to managing our discipline. It can help us become fitter, wiser, better parents and lovers. I think it is possible that it can even improve government, if we apply what we have learned. The only thing in our way is human nature itself and the so-called concept of natural law that says we have supposedly certain inalienable rights given to us by God through nature and that nature is there to provide for our needs.

However, one point missed by John Locke is that if we don't believe God gives us such rights, than we are stealiing from nature. We steal everything from food to land. This is the inherent problem with "Natural Law." Theft goes against the rest of his principles.

We'll that was just one of the conclusions I drew years ago and can be applied to the classes I took from Michael J. Sandel. Great classes. Great price. If you read my articles but still don't get me, try Mike's angle.

Resistance is Futile - or so we're being taught!

"Why the broker we get the more we roll over!"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 16th of Nov, 2010

The Chinese government, and the world wide rich, and the world wide powerful few, are again moving to take over our planet. The rich and powerful have always run the world and "we the people" have always allowed them to do that. The Chinese are not new players in this ancient game, but prior to their entry into modern markets, the Western world's rich and powerful funded folks from the Bolsheviks to Osama bin Laden in modern times, and they have always got away with murder. This time the cabal includes China's military political machine. Their agenda requires us to submit to their New World Order and our bribable politicians are more than willing to assist. Most of congress is pretty rich, too. Hmm... How'd that happen?

To help these elite cabals, they need to get the rest of us to become even more compliant and malleable. We need to be broke. We need to be apathetic. We need to not vote or just vote for their own pre-ordained candidates. They offer to simplify our world. Some of us will even defend them, attempting to ingratiate ourselves with their largess. Many of these apologists are neighbors and live right next door to you. They defend the cabals and illicit corporations, both locally and abroad. They are "billionaire wannabes." Throw a party with some booze and they'll be easily schmoozed. Yes, it is happening in our own little towns and in our own backyards. Meanwhile, our elegant totalitarian state—the largest mafia in the history of mankind, remains funded by borrowing from future generations, something none of us can do. Your children will pay for a state that seems more and more like a prison cell each day. Hard work will be followed by lower benefits and less social security. Things will start to look alike. We will look alike. Notice how modern cars kinda of all look the same. Mercedes, Lexus, BMW—what's the difference? Notice kids crying for attention with common tattoos. If Obama and friends (Republican ones, too!) have their way, you will have no privacy whatsoever. Dissidents will soon just disappear. Yes, the prisons to house you are already being built and placed all around the country and meanwhile, as the construction continues, you watch TV, the coliseum of our time. The entertainment will be a new war each year or so. Obama's may be Somalia.

I say, that until the cabal pries the television from our cold dead hands, the public will do nothing—not even the voters! Rome is starting to burn. The Rubicon is being crossed, and yet the average American barely votes for people they never met, don't know and don't understand. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

There's the story. Now you do the research unless you prefer my calling you a sheep, lemming or ostrich. If you're okay with that than you are part of the problem. You are making things worse. You are making it an insurmountable behemoth. If you do the math, you will find that in the end, it will be us that will experience shock and awe. Afghanistan and the recession are only the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Remember, as you travel the Internet in your quest for understanding, "Big Brother" will be secretly watching your every move. Terabyte servers are working as we speak to decide who's been naughty and who's been nice. The Hanoi Hilton is just around the corner and it will have all been up to you, the American people, to avoid the abyss. You have been warned!


"The New World Order - Bubble, Bubble, Breathe!"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 21st of April, 2010

A Rwandan friend has been very upset lately. Her country is falling apart and she would love to get her family out. She is up against insurmountable problems, starting with a five year wait to get into the U.S. Our regular immigration channels are submerged in bureaucracy. The Fabian goal of a "new world order" needs submission, not immigration. Everyone must beg for government specified privileges, including the so-called right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Everyone is to be under authoritarian control! The United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary fund. They are all part of this unwelcome order. They want my little insignificant friend to believe that "resistance is futile." She can't discuss things over the phone or on the Internet because Homeland security or her IMF funded country's own similar authorities might find out and endanger her family. Americans know little about what is going on there and America's role in Rwanda's tragedy. Hundreds of millions of dollars flow there from fiat currency printed by the United Socialist States of America's government. It goes to a corrupt leadership that cares little for its own people. The United States of America died sometime around 1913, its constitution becoming little more than rhetoric at that point. Some readers may think I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I assure you, that I am one of the sane ones. I'm not among the growing number of militias, nor do I own a gun. The sucking sound of grandchildren's' money going out of the country to pay interest on our debts to China, Japan, etc, is why despite the trillions that have been printed we little guys don't see any of it. There is inflation, but instead, we have a depression at home. We still crave cash, even if it is really printed out of nothing.

Another friend, is afraid because she's retiring and feels the world is compelling her to put her retirement money with a financial planner so she can keep her hard earned savings ahead of inflation. Or she could invest it in a bank and support the root of America's evils. The world fears that if the foreign governments lose faith in the dollar, as they should, we could see economic collapse virtually overnight. Meanwhile, the sheeple continue to invest in companies and people they know nothing about. I call them INsecurities. Financial planners shoot for the big accounts, providing basically the same services to all accounts. Two percent of a million is much better than two percent of $100,000. That's an income of about $200,000 off of one account. Even $2,000 off one account ain' t bad. Successful financial planners might be able to stay ahead of inflation, despite their poor track record for the investments they've made for customers. Some say you would have been better off hiring a monkey to throw darts at a dart board. They've actually beaten America's securities advisors in the past. My friend should be afraid—very afraid. And what about gold? Gold is even being stolen by governments today. In our own past, there was up to a $400,000 fine for keeping gold after it was called in by the infamous Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Executive Order 6102. Some new deal! Gold investors, seeking safety from government counterfeiters were trapped. Many of today's investors in securities also feel trapped. Where can they go? What can they invest in safely? The government throws wrenches in all investment strategies. Bailouts, tax manipulations, legal games. All play havoc with investments. We justifiably no longer trust big governments or corporations. When there is no trust, there is no security. We ask, when are governments and corporations not lying?

Another friend, lost his home value and then his stock portfolio before getting laid off from Hewlett Packard. He can't get a job and is living after one Fed financed unemployment extension after another. You see, those are also being financed or offered via newly printed money. He is now a government dependent. He doesn't like it, but feels he has no choice. He could work at McDonalds, but that pays less than unemployment and may hurt his chances at getting a job appropriate to his skill levels. Those American's making under $200,000 per year are about to be the ones hit the hardest. They are the last men and women standing as the rest of us live off the graces of government provided welfare and subsidies—and this includes the ultra rich that manipulate government printing presses in their favor. Like the lemmings they are, "middle america" invests where the government tells them to —and that's not Toyota these days. The Ponzi scheme of IRA's and 401k's is good for one more inflated round. The bubble next time is going to be a whopper! Some Americans, like those trying to win back their losses at the casino, are hoping for a last hurrah before bailing from the stock market. They will take their money back into real estate, hoping to own the best home they can afford before retirement. The trick is using the crystal ball properly. They too, should be very afraid of their government. It can also take their homes from them, if the large unfriendly, unethical and highly profitable banks don't beat them to it. How do the kids support the elderly and buy a home? What will they do when they need to retire?

The answers are not happy ones. Don't be surprised if they put the elderly to sleep early. The how-highs that also fail to correct the situation are too into "Tattoos, Texting and TV" to accomplish much. Name one song that's been written in the last ten years that we'll be singing in fifty years. Good luck with that one. The TTT's aren't showing much promise. In order to keep their heads above water, they'll have to drop communism and start acting responsible for themselves. They'll have to become serious about living with less entertainment and working longer hours. Some of the more responsible ones, like my waitress friend Natalie, are working two jobs while single, just to make current ends meet. Others are working two jobs and going to school in their 40's. Working families with 2 or more children know exactly what I'm talking about. They are treading water, especially if they try to keep the kids entertained and active with expensive games, toys and constant and expensive sports activities.

Lastly, at least for the moment, folks in Omaha experienced a 911 service outage. Socialists there expected their government services to keep on working. They have grown dependent on them. How many people died because of that dependence? People of Omaha should also fear their government. Where was it when they needed it? I'm sure Katrina survivors would like to put in their two cents.

For the wise, life is, as it always has been, a game of chess. Or maybe it's more like competitive swimming. The only way to make money without gambling is to produce a needed good or service. The rest is gambling. You keep on swimming. You swim hard and often. Bubble, bubble, breathe! Just like the stock market! You can't tread water forever, but some do because it's easier to breathe. But they don't get anywhere and they must eventually wear out. The swimmers are swimming towards a goal. Though they must hold their breath for a few seconds during the swim, they still aim at their target and if they are good swimmers, they can overcome all diversity—a gold medal perhaps. Great swimmers and great chess players can survive life under our history's largest mafia. Together, if there are enough folks willing to work hard, become more knowledgeable, and stay the course, there may even be a chance to shift the tyrannical direction of the "the new world disorder" before it falls of its own weight.

My question is. What kind of person are you? Are you a pathetic lazy example to your kids? Do you do what you're told too easily? Do you give up and give in? Do you submit to evil? Do you put your head in the sand?

Or do you swim?

Is God a Political Football?

"220 plus years of inserting God into our political agendas"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 29th of March, 2010

Nobody knows when Gods were first used to justify political agendas. Interestingly God seemed to be where the money and power was. The more successful the human leadership, the more successful were his Gods. God was on the King's side. He was on the rich people's side. Where conquerors went, so did their Gods.

I guess the fact of God is obviously much older than Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. However, where God concerns the United States, I think it highly probable that with advances in science and the advent of Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species," published in 1859, many a founding father would be less likely to invoke God in their rhetoric. I think that in general the founders were much more educated and much more cutting edge than current politicians, who, like the founding fathers invoke God every chance they get to satisfy political polls and lobbyist promoted donations to political campaigns. I think perhaps this current group uses the Lord's name in vane to symbolize their pious respect for Christian values, despite their irreverence for Jesus within their own actions. Did Jesus believe for a moment that the ends justified the means? Politicians want to score points from the general population's interest in having a church going leader represent them. Were the Founding Fathers informed of modern revelations, I think we wouldn't have "In God We Trust" printed on our fiat currency. That was and is blasphemy in my book. I'm sure even a "New Age Christian God" would not approve of that. So perhaps Dr. Michael Newdow, the "anti-God is Government" crusader has a point there.

And Newdow has another regarding the Pledge of Allegiance, where the Christian-Socialist, Francis Bellamy has yet another alteration added in 1951. That's when the words "under God" were inserted to, in my opinion, filter out so-called political communists who denied God's existence. Louis A. Bowman (1872-1959) was the first to initiate the addition of "under God" to the Pledge and, in a sense, becomes a co-author of the pledge as adopted . President Eisenhower was raised a Jehovah's Witness, but was baptized a Presbyterian in 1953. After all, who would elect a Witness to the presidency? On February 8, 1954, Rep. Charles Oakman (R-Mich.), introduced a bill to add the words. Eisenhower signed the bill into law on Flag Day, June 14, 1954. The scrutinizing mind has to wonder why Bellamy, a minister, didn't add "under God" in the first place. Perhaps, he, like myself, was sensitive to mixing church and state.

The average American probably doesn't understand what I'm talking about. I think in part, it is because they don't want to understand. To many, the Pledge is as sacred as Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. They are content with a hypocritical disregard for God and religion as practiced by both Republicans and Democrats. That's why they will probably elect more of them, dirty tricks and all. After all, we grew up the Santa and the Easter Bunny and nobody wants to grow up without them.

When the church combines with government, both tend to become more corrupted. The Puritan witch hunts and Catholic Inquisitions are excellent cases in point, more about a twisted blend of politics and religion. Today, many new age Christians fall for the same twist. Let's hope we listen to reason someday.

In fact, if I may be so bold to use that word, the government was set up to be something the majority of us allow and enable to perform desired functions. It always disenfranchises someone on any given issue. That was a given. The same occurs when any religious group invokes the name of God to slander some other religious group, i.e. Mormons, Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Jews or, God forbid, Muslims. Regardless, laws will reflect what man wants to have happen, whether it be a King, an oligarchy or the will of the people. This is probably not the same as what God wants, but that's all the more reason not to blame government on Him.

Arguably In our favor, for the first time in the history of man, a Constitution was written where a government would be of the people, by the people and for the people, and not the other way around. the 1892 creation of our Pledge of Allegiance was a huge step backwards. Again, man would virtually salute King and Country, and later, God, King and Country. It is the President and government's job to pledge its allegiance to the people. After all, isn't that the problem today. Government no longer seems to have an allegiance to the people. We ask government to do something and then it does what corporations, special interests and lobbyists want instead?

If indeed the people choose to live a Christ like existence without stealing and killing, etc, the government might also reflect that and it would be smaller and perhaps altogether unnecessary. But despite the political invocation of God, this has not happened. Where there is free agency, there is no need to force a government backed religiousness on "we the people." More than any place on earth, this government was created to reflect us. As we go, so will go the government. If we act as Christians, it will not need so many laws, nor need to be so large and expensive. I say to the stone casting killing people that still call themselves Christians, "you just don't get it." Make excuses all you want, but the government won't heal until you heal. It starts and virtually ends with you. You are the Kings and Queens of the United States, so please act accordingly, starting with a little less time watching Godless reality TV.

Welcome to the USSA

"The United Socialist States of America—an interesting name for an elegant totalitarian state"
- Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 21st of March, 2010

National Socialized Health Care (NSHC) represents the third time Obama and Congress went against the American people. The first was the TARP—before he was elected, and the second was continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obamacare, is again going against the voters. Now, those voters find that the devil they didn't know is just as bad or worse than the devil they knew. I think its, "Three strikes and your out." However, does that mean we should replace him with a Republican? I think not. Never again!

First, let's be clear. We have been a communist country for some time, ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. Since that time, Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard M. Nixon took us much further down the road to communism. Each president since has played their part, signing into law various "reforms" that limited our freedom and prosperity.

For the love of communism, we should have been half way to Star Trek by now, but we have so much waste and bureaucracy that we simply can't afford it. Instead, we're half way to complying with the Borg. Being in Communist California and Communist Placer County, I really feel the heat of socialism. However, like in other large communist countries, and most large capitalist ones—if you can find one, we are really an elegant totalitarian state full of uneducated, undisciplined and dishonest people. We disobeyed the principles that founded this country as Eve had disobeyed God. We've bitten into the proverbial apple, and this far larger apple has obviously left a bitter taste in my mouth. However, as a country, the theft of our wealth and freedoms by government is exactly what we deserve. Even as a non-Christian, I almost have to agree with Reverend Pat Robertson. "God is punishing us!" Okay—not really. Like eating the forbidden fruit, I think this has far more to do with the choices we've made than God's decisions.

I don't care if you live in Obama's USA or Saddam Hussein's Iraq. As honest and disciplined as the people go, so will go their governments and we don't need religion to become honest and disciplined. Religion certainly hasn't done much for Muslim Iraq or Christian Rawanda. No man, woman or government can stand against a determined, honest and disciplined population. That is the real solution. We have to get off our butts, get educated and then take action.

Communism always has its basis in theft. You steal from one group and give it to another. Remember, Republicans still want public roads, even if some are finally ready to abandon public schools. Communists claim that capitalism is evil because it steals from the many and gives to the few. Because Americans as a group are stupid, undisciplined, inept and dishonest, our government and corporations have given communists plenty of ammunition to support that. Of course, socialists have failed to recognize that communists governments have always been inept and dishonest. Today, both communist and so-called capitalist governments are based on theft. The best qualified to run such governments are the best thieves. No wonder we can't trust our politicians. No wonder a thief like Jerry Brown, running for governor of California, claims we need someone with "experience."

Though the United States has not been capitalist for over a century, communists call us capitalists anyway. It appears that they, too, lack an education and probably also haven't read the very short and very inexpensive Communist Manifesto. Perhaps it is only the degree of communism in America that should be debated.

Capitalism is supposed to be when we trade for mutual benefit that is inclusive of the parties involved. When successful, it is not about ripping off the other guy. Rip offs in a capitalist world end up being bad for business. (See my Toyota articles further down this column) However, an ignorant population of so-called capitalists that allows itself to be entertained, wooed and bamboozled by criminals, gives communists food for propaganda and results in their brand of theft, which coincidentally also gets railroaded by modern monopolists and monarchists using the tool of government to help them perform the rip-offs. Somehow, the rich and powerful always come out on top. Therefore, high-end Nordstrom and Tiffany seem to have survived the current economic inflationary depression. I also see a lot of likely ex-KGB operatives running around my neighborhood in expensive black automobiles while gold is apparently missing from Russia. They ran off with the gold as they saw their own communist government collapsing. Now folks in the United States have been buying gold for similar reasons to the extent that gold is going up despite the decrease in its use to make jewelry and other gold based items.

Today, the real difference between communism and what they call capitalism has little to do with honesty. Both governmental systems have proven themselves corrupt. Instead, it is between giving into theft vs fighting it. Communism is everywhere regardless of what we want to believe about ourselves. Fight or flight are your decisions. However, if you choose "flight," where are you going to fly to? All governments are communist now.

Americans, entertained by big TVs, fancy depreciating cars and other cheap Chinese junk, are now living a life of "instant "government backed" gratification, and are now simply the sheep, lemmings and ostriches of the "New World DisOrder." We will have hell to pay and there will be blood. But that is nothing compared to the hell we leave our youth. Too many of us buy what the leadership is selling knowing we will probably be swindled anyway. We follow our instant gratification emotions. We no longer have principles, let alone stand up for them. Worse, the next generations, to those of us that care, have little or no hope for a better world. However, I digress. I suppose its why I bother writing. There is always hope!

It would seem that only cheap technology can save us, but that is fast becoming the domain of world government, Google and the NSA. To the younger generation, I say this. Dressing like a pirate or rebel is not the same as being one. Being a rebel doesn't mean piling on the piercings and tattoos. Its more about "character." My own characterless generation has abandoned you entirely. Democrats and Republicans have indeed eaten their young (or at least their futures). To the youth I say, "Your well being is up to you." If you hold your breath waiting for your parents to do the right thing, you'll die young.

Here's what you can do about it.

You have to start today so that the effects can be felt sooner and the obstacles to your success don't become greater. Here's four things you can do to make America a better place.

  1. As the song goes, "Look at the man or woman in the mirror." You are the teacher of our youth.
  2. You are the King or Queen of the United States of America. Act it. That's how the founders set it up. "A government OF the people.." No longer should we pledge our allegiance to a single monarchy.
  3. Take responsibility by running, funding and electing folks that don't take the money from special interests, PAC's, lobbyists, corporations, etc. If this means a little less football or reality TV, so be it. That's what Kings and Queens should do. Take care of your homework before you watch TV.
  4. Don't wait for everyone else to lead the way. You are not a sheep.

I'm not holding my breath waiting for you. I will make the best of this bad situation. However, I know this. If you don't take action, you're average life is going to get worse for most of you. Sure, you can wear rose colored glasses, but if you do, your kids might decide to wear them, too. I hope you think about that while you're standing in line getting your Obamacare.

"Imprimis" On Health Care

"Black Eyes at Hillsdale College" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 14th of March, 2010

One of the most prolific Republican publications is Imprimis. It comes to a lot of politically involved folks like myself. Keeping in mind that I may be one of the world's foremost anti-communists, I still have to wonder how a college like this ever got off the ground sponsoring authors and articles based upon speeches by folks that are "blind" in their left eyes and so far away from non-partisan that I feel submersed in the middle of a Star Wars movie where the universe is run by Darth Sidious—and he's a Republican.

Imprimis brags that they have almost two million readers. Good for them. I imagine those readers to be the types that pass on unsigned email stories about evil democratic conspiracies trying to turn the the country into a communist state. Then again, from time to time, I also read those articles, so maybe all the readers are not all that bad. I ask myself why I keep reading, when, in my ever so humble opinion, I find the country to already be communist. What are we saving us from?

In "Health Care in a Free Society," Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan seeks to teach us about more of the evils of communism in the new health care bills—and all this while being registered with America's second largest communist party. I smelled a hypocritic rat.

Sure enough, as I live and breathe, he's on the take from medical professionals, the insurance industry and good 'ol PAC money to the tune of well over 1 million dollars. And all this while running against a Democrat who's only raised about $3,000. What does he need to take all that money for? I know, but you should find out.

His article sights increases in costs (with no footnote), but he doesn't inflation adjust them so that, I assume, he can "inflate" the impact of his article upon his readers. A billion dollars today doesn't go as far as it used to. This seems to be typical of Imprimis. Ryan never cites where he gets his data. When he talks about the medical freedom to choose, he seems to forget about the poor folks that wouldn't have any medical choice. In fairness, he should have at least mentioned that, but I guess he's leaving that to his $3,000 Democratic opponent. Because Ryan is "owned" by the insurance companies. How can readers trust him? What would be a good point, becomes null and void when coming from his particular mouth—much like Republican chain mails.

The good, if not in a stupor, folks of Wisconsin better find someone better to send to Congress than this Republican or that Democrat. (Maybe, they just can't think for themselves—too much cheese in their arteries. Only the lazy vote straight "D" and "R" anymore.)

Me, a lowly but sought after independent from Placer County, California, likes to keep things simple. When you steal from some people to give to others, it's theft. I don't think theft is the right thing to do. I don't need to be "on the take" from insurance companies and medical professionals to defend capitalist points of view. Why add "Ryan" style mud to the equation. Write me if you agree (or not).

Wisconsin would do well to run, fund and elect independents that don't take the money. That too, is really quite simple.

Revolution, Anyone?

"The Washington Post Still Doesn't Get It" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 6th of March, 2010

In Joby Warrick and Spencer S. Hsu's article in the Washington Post, entitled "Lone Wolf Rage Arises Among Us" in the Sac Bee and going by other titles elsewhere, we see how our press seems to work as a government mouthpiece. I almost have to wonder who they work for. Us or them? Are these some of the famous CIA authors we hear about? Are they spreading CIA propaganda illegally within U.S. Borders? Only their hairdressers know for sure.

Well I have news for Joby and Spencer. The American people aren't that stupid. We're just very angry and frustrated with our government. The extremists among us are therefore also becoming angrier and more frustrated. They're starting to blow things up again. We all understand that when the whole country begins to fear their government and are getting fed up with Republicans and Democrats in power, that the fringe of those inclined towards suicide and terrorism will also slide further towards their tendencies. That's bound to happen. It's logical.

What these two buffoons write is simply a slanted truth that will drive more Americans towards the extreme. Unless they actually are receiving CIA paychecks, the authors don't seem to get it. Most of government today is a conspiracy against "we the people," one that we the people apathetically enable. We now really do live in an "elegant totalitarian state." We fund it with our taxes and it is run by corporations and special interests through their gift giving lobbies. The vote now represents our willingness to continue to lay prostrate before it. Politicians lie. We know that, but we still foolishly elect and re-elect them. When they lie, they form conspiracies. The question is, at what point do we believe the government? At what point is there not a conspiracy?

This growing group of Americans is what Joby and Spencer don't get. Had they sat around any coffee shop in America, they might be better informed. Like in the days when America's founding fathers met in taverns, folks today meet for coffee and often discuss how rotten things have become concerning our government. After all, when government lies, how do we know what is and isn't a conspiracy? How do we know when it tells the truth? Prove the conspiracy theorists wrong as one recent misshapen author is actually trying to do. It seems that the only folks standing by our government these days are those that work for it, and ironically, there are fewer and fewer government employees standing by their bosses.

I think Joby and Spencer need to get a life or get out of the news business altogether. Yes, the more the government lies and steals, the more some folks will get angry and start crashing planes into IRS buildings and shooting Pentagon guards.

Joby! Spencer! Go have some coffee, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

Taxing Authorities!

"The Right Hand of the Mafia" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 5th of March, 2010

If you work for a taxing authority in the United States you are essentially working for the largest mafia in the history of mankind. You are a sad sack that really was hard up for a job. It's not exactly like being a member of the Nazi Party, but it's not good either. When you enforce US tax laws you are essentially an enemy of mankind and any goodness thereof. Sorry, but that's the way I see it.

Thankfully, I know that there are many Americans that won't work for the IRS or state taxing authorities. How do I know? Because I was on hold with the State of California Franchise Tax Board for 45 minutes this afternoon before hanging up the phone. I was trying to help a really good person shrug off the State's chains of tyranny. I guess they are just way under staffed—or maybe it was furlough Friday? Heaven knows there are plenty of out of work folks in the state right now, but I guess few that would work for our Franchise Tax Board.

You might say that I'm just a little "ticked" for being on hold, but that's not even the half of it. I've put up with the Republicans and Democrats here all my life. Despite Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb, I've had to put up with the 250 billion worth of lobbyists, too. But the Franchise Tax Board is the straw that breaks this camel's back.

I have a friend that made the miserable mistake of using Intuit's poorly written Turbo Tax to file her taxes. That's alright. There really is no accurate way to file complex taxes anyway. Not even the IRS and Franchise Tax Board folks get it right, let alone accountants, tax attorneys and we desperate citizens using horrid little tax filing programs by Intuit.

Never the less, a year ago, she was going over her 2008 taxes prepared by a friend and was running late for dinner. Neither she, nor her friend looked at the blinking numbers in the upper left corner of her screen. Somehow, they had changed upon self-auditing a second time and the friend clicked the send button. After that, they looked in the upper left hand corner of the screen and it showed that she owed the IRS $89,000. and the State of California $22,000. That was what was sent and there was no way possible to get it back. We sent revised returns and awaited a call or finding from the Fed or State. The Feds eventually corrected the problem and sent her the appropriate $12,000 refund.

However, the State of California did not send the $5,000 it owed to her. So a few days ago her returns were taken to a Tax Attorney where she asked if he would look into her refund. I like the fact that he is of Chinese Ancestry. You see , it's been my experience that the Chinese don't usually trust any government. That's the kind of guy I want on my side.

Today, March 5, by some strange coincidence, a letter came in the mail from her employer dated February 26, 2010, seven days earlier, stating that they were going to garnish her wages to pay the State of California the $21,000 it requested. This is the first we'd heard from the State and even that was indirectly through her own employer. Nobody from the State ever contacted her. (You see, the State simply can't do that for no reason in particular). Her employer said in the letter that she may not call them on the phone at all. There she was, guilty until the State could find the time to see her proof that she was innocent. The poor 58 year old God fearing woman was seeing her hard earned money flash before her very eyes. The bankrupt State who, as I stated earlier, is incentivised to collect as much as they can, illegally or immorally, apparently hadn't seen her revised return—or perhaps they chose to look the other way, which would be much more lucrative for the State. Far better to steal $21,000 than to pay out $5,000 you don't have in the first place. There is no courtesy of any kind when it comes to the California Franchise Tax Board. Of course the IRS doesn't seem to talk to our State Franchise Tax Board either. That could be because it is so discourteous. The Franchise Tax Board bases its returns on the Federal return. Oh well, what they didn't choose to know hurt my friend.

So while the State of California owes her $5,000 and is instead stealing $21,000 without due process or notice of any kind, the agency again causes me to sympathize with the founding fathers that shrugged off the chains of English tyranny. We are at those cross roads again, taxed without representation. Even the English listened. But this time too many of us are pacified by television while the press barely gives lip service to the crowds attending tea party conventions.

I know the facts of this case to be true and the State of California to be arrogant, negligent, immoral and possibly criminal in its actions. But, what else is new, and as I've warned my readers, in an economy such as ours, there will be more and more crime, starting with the Federal Government's printing presses and working its way down through the State governments, and finally extorting from us in our own neighborhoods through such procedures and policies as this. As a result there will be more crime and less protection. So much for the safety we sought and that Ben Franklin warned us against seeking too much of.

The only solution short of revolution is to start running, funding and electing non-partisan folks that don't take the money. These people will find it in their interests to represent "we the people" and not the corporate and special interests represented by their gift bearing lobbyists that have bloated our States' bureaucracies and taken fairness out of all equations.

I'm not holding my breath for a happy ending and neither should you. However, I am giving notice that I'm watching evil prevail as too many good Californians and Americans continue to do nothing.

As a result, we are back to God, King and Country. Too bad, I thought the concept of America was a pretty good idea.

P.S. If you do work for a taxing authority, please get a life and a real job.




UPDATE - TOYOTA GOES BEFORE CONGRESS. The new apology is a crock. This psychotic corporation seems to "feel" nothing other than the fall of its share prices. Thank God that sometimes the Internet drives the media AND the government into taking action against companies that have bribed their way into American life. To say that they were unaware of electrical problems is a BLACK LIE. James Lentz is little more than a corporate prostitute and now, knowing that admission to guilt before Congress would legally doom the company, he opts to save his job by denying fault.

What Really Might have happened to Toyota and their Competitors?

We don't have to "drive" to work. Many more of us can work from home. Less miles means longer lasting cars. We also are not as rich as we once thought we were. We hold onto cars longer. Smart people buy used ones to save on the "off the lot" depreciation. Disposable cars are bad for the environment and some folks want to stop wasting metal and plastic when buying a new car. How then do auto makers keep profits up?


They quit making cars that last so long and start charging more for repairs and parts. The manufracturer makes more money and stock holders are happier.

Life is not that complicated, now is it? Toyota could very easily have learned this lesson from the 1970's in Detroit when they were faced with the same dilemma. History does repeat itself, doesn't it?

Criminal Probe of Toyota by Federal Prosecutors.

We American consumers have been telling them about the battery and braking problems for years. Still, the press—funded by Toyota ads—doesn't seem to get it. I think they do get it. More is sure to come as Toyota hemorages legal money despite itself. Me, I think it's time for Toyota to go back to Japan and for them to take General Motors with them. We need "new" honest companies with good ideas to step forward, even if they're not American companies. The way we're going, in order to get a car and save money, we'll have to buy Chinese vehicles. Me, if I've got to go foreign, I'll look more closely at Korea's Hyundai. Since Obama's push for more communism to force poorer Americans to demand socialized "free" medicine, I think getting America back into manufacturing is a long shot. We'd have to live on a lot less to compete with China, especially in the automotive world. Then again, who on the planet is left. Almost all countries are communist now. I plan for the worst and hope for the best by planning for bread lines and defects. I could hold my breath waiting for the American people to stop watching so much TV and for them to start taking responsiblity for themselves, but I know that American emotions lean towards a Nanny State and Americans follow their emotions 9.99 times out of ten. As they bank on the stock market Ponzi schemes, needing more interest to beat our inflated currency, we'll see continued pressure on companies to have a great quarterly report despite the long term picture. This fuels corporate short cuts like those made by all the major auto companies. Me, I say quit investing in companies and people you don't know about. Get out of the stock market and stay out—at least for the next couple of decades. Teach corporations a lesson. Let them know you're damn mad and not going to take it anymore. While you're at it, get your representatives to quit taking the money from those same corporations and special interests by running, funding and electing those that don't.

bad toyotaFour governors of states with Toyota plants called for Congress to be "fair" to the automaker in hearings. This is government double-speak for "lay-off Toyota or there will be layoffs." I say Toyota will get awaywith it as they spend millions on ad campaigns to market around their sins. Note: The SACRAMENTO BEE has not returned my calls or responded to emails on this issue from a local standpoint. (Perhaps this is because Toyota and their dealerships are major advertisers?)TOYOTA HYBRRID TECHNOLOGY IS A WASTE OF MONEY. THE QUESTION IS, IS IT TRUE FOR ALL HYBRID TECHNOLOGIES? I FEEL FOR THE CADILLAC FOLKS WHO SPENT ALL THAT EXTRA MONEY ON HYBRID VERSIONS WHEN AND IF THE BATTERIES GO BAD. If Toyota's batteries can cost over $4,000 to replace, what's a Cadillac one going to cost? Good thing Cadillac owners are rich, or did they borrow money to buy that $70,000 rig? Surely they can afford to keep the beast running.

Toyota bought a large television commercial appologizing for itself BUT IS STILL NOT ADDRESSING BATTERY ISSUES FOR SAME PROBABLE REASONS IT GOT CAUGHT ON THE BRAKING ISSUES (I Think the only reason the press really got into that is because of the outcry on the Internet making it look so oblivious and "Johnny come late to the party." PERHAPS THE MONEY ON THE "APOLOGY AD" WAS HUSH MONEY TO GET THE TELEVISION STATIONS TO PUT A LEASH ON REPORTERS ABOUT FURTHER TOYOTA SHORTCOMINGS??? ONLY TOYOTA'S HAIRDRESSERS KNOW FOR SURE. IF YOU'RE A TOYOTA HAIRDRESSER, I'D SURE LIKE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Major Hijacking!

"This one was hidden from you by CNN & FOX News" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 31st of January, 2010, Revised February 21/2010

What Does America Have in Common with Africa?

A very large population of ostriches. The "Tea Party" movement is being hijacked by the Republicans and the Democrats are out to kill it altogether. Meanwhile, most Americans stick their heads in the sand.

Most people have forgotten the Reform Party by now. That's ironic because Ross Perot gave America its warning about big government and the sucking sound as jobs went overseas and manufacturing became the sole domain of Communist China. We feel that we haven't lost so much of our wealth because China made the ownership of "things that break" more possible for less money. When the "sour grapes" Republican Buchanan went under cover to hijack the reform party, most reformers simply gave up rather than kick him out. You might say that the Republicans successfully destroyed the Reform Party.

Today, like the Reform Party before it, the "Tea Party" is being high jacked by the Republicans. It becomes quite obvious when they put their own people in to promote the likes of Sarah Palin, which is a sure to cause the beginning of the end of the movement. When since are Republicans reformers? Instead, Republicans are the sheep of second largest mafia crime family in world history, the Democratic Party being the first largest. The "Tea Party" movement is simply defining the scope of the world's largest political mafia in the history of mankind, the U.S. Government. Perhaps someone should kick registered Repulicans and Democrats out of it. It's not a place for sheep. The "Tea Party" movement should be more of a home for registered independents, Libertarians and ex-Reform party folks.

Sarah Palin is a far cry from the movement's true founder, Michelle Malkin and it's first major publicist Rick Santelli, who during his famous rant, never mentioned Democrats or Republicans by name. He was ranting against our communist government which happens to administered by Democrats this week.

In order for us to fix this mess, Americans need to run, fund and elect politicians that don't take the money, not even from political parties. If a candidate offers to represent all the folks in his or her district, he must only take a limited amount of money from individuals that actually live in the district. This requires a smarter more ethical character not found in most contemporary Americans that continue, religiously, to vote for the lesser of two evils.

To win against the saboteurs and hijackers, Americans must first address these two issues or government will remain "business as usual" until its eventual demise, which its starting to look like might happen sooner than later.

Stop Unsigned E-Chain Mail

"Most so-called "facts" in e-chain mails are false." - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 31st of January, 2010, Revised February 12/2010

I think that most e-chain mails are started and blessed by the Republican and Democratic Central Committees to sabotage the efforts of anyone threatening their death grips on the nation. Then again, maybe I'm just crazy.

What I do know is that most information in these unsigned emails is exaggerated, slanted, one-sided or just plain lies.

A recent one sent to me—and I get them all—is that FDR and Democrats are solely responsible for our nation's economic woes stemming from Social Security and Medicare. This one of course, is written by a "Republicans can do no wrong" Republican. His facts are wrong and his ending quote was not from Thomas Jefferson. Yet folks pass the propaganda on, just like they did the "Swift boat" campaign.

I say to these unwitting forwarders, "Knock it off!" There are plenty of facts on the Internet condemning Republican and Democratic sins. You don't have to discredit yourself by spreading lies.

We Need a Less Perfect Union

"Health Care Requires Non-Partisan NOT Bipartisan efforts" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 31st of January, 2010, Revised February 12/2010

When the Republican Party takes action, it immediately puts its hands in my right pocket, pulling out money for business bailouts and other various Republican communist activities. When the Democrats take action, they put their hands in my left pocket, taking out money for the peoples communism. Then they both trade places for awhile. In the end everyone's getting this redistributed money. This "being all things to all people" process continues to happen because the government is made up of two of history's largest crime families—those same dirty Republicans and Democrats, who work for special interests and corporations vs "we the people." This protection racket provides no solution to our health care problems, especially when the grand design, according to some conspiracy theorists, is de-population of the planet down to perhaps as low as 300 million.( Perhaps there are some very rich and powerful people with too much time on their hands.) We'll, because I don't trust my government, I certainly won't call the conspiracy theorists bigger liars than the politicians. The truth is that all conspiracies lack evidence until the truth is revealed by the light of day. Then, the fact may be a travesty, but its no longer a conspiracy. Regardless, even before the sunrise there were those that would conspire in the name of "we the people" against "we the people." We are surrounded by conspirators. Our wallets are the victims.

The "hand in the pocket" scenario gets worse. When folks like Senator Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska, uses words like bipartisanship, he really means that both parties will have their hands in your grand kids' pockets. Being "bi" is often not a good thing, especially when it concerns the Republican and Democratic Parties. I think some politicians, like some bisexuals, really don't want to be that way, but figure that's the deck they've been dealt by the Godfather's that run the circus. Most politicians go with the flow of compromise agreeing that money must be spent to please both sides in the arrangement. Democrats and Republicans agree to take our money for both their concerns. Hence, if the Fed didn't enable the printing of money, there would be none for these bi-partisan projects at all. It would have been eaten up a long, long time ago. Still, the sheeple continue to "approve" their candidates, then bitch about them 'till sunset.

When government lies, what is the truth?

When a spouse lies, especially as often as our Demopublican government spouse does, when do I start trusting anything they say? Do I trust the government on anything beyond over spending, death and taxes? This is the #1 reason why Americans need to run, fund and elect independents. For a few hours a year away from television they could have a 1000% better government, one that might actually better represent "we the people." It starts with the lifting of one finger. I'll let you choose which one.

Demopublicans represent who?

Please don't assume your "R's and D's" will represent you. Unless you're a CEO or lobbyist, they simply won't. They represent the money that funds their campaigns and furthers their own ambitions. Very few are suicidal altruists. While expecting them to reflect our better selves, we turn around and borrow 60,000 for a depreciating SUV and another $5,000 for an entertainment system rather than focusing on our health and long-term care. Then,of course, in debt up the yin-yang, we now want the mafia's assistance for "free" health care. Instead, why don't you ask for government for assistance with the car and TV so it frees up your money for your own health care choices? I know, you don't trust the government to get you the right TV or car. Also keep in mind you're supporting a foreign government and their military when you buy their products. China, who has been secretly building a colossal deep water navy funded by the American people, is now talking about stopping our support for Taiwan in a very, very threatening way. Of course they are in the back pages of our news. They pay a lot to keep themselves out of our media and political debates. Actually, many of our bi-polar politicians now represent the Chinese more than the American people. So I ask, "How's your Mandarin?"

Do you work out and watch what you eat?

Economically speaking, if you don't have your health, what difference does the car and TV make? Heck, if you're healthy, you can live under a bridge if you have to—especially here in California. But if you're not healthy, you can't even do that. I know all this talk about free lunches frustrates the few and the brave, the self reliant and the independent. I too, don't hold my breath waiting for the lethargic American people to fix or save their democracy. Instead, I handle my own business and encourage others to "Start with the man in the mirror!" Thank you Michael Jackson! You left something righteous behind you.

As I wrote previously, "As honest and disciplined as the people are, so will go their government (and their bodies)." The fact is that most people here and abroad are not very honest and disciplined. They don't run, fund and elect representatives of themselves and therefore are usually not represented, even locally. There is one exception. Most people have become communists seeking free roads, schools (i.e. public indoctrination centers) and of course, now health care. Free? Of course not. Now we are paying dearly for government waste, bureaucracy and other agenda items designed to get the votes of R's, D's while, by sleight of hand, working on behalf of corporations and special interests that have got us to pay for their needs by charging it to our grand and great grand children. (As a matter of fact, it is entirely possible that since G. W. Bush and Obama, we are now charging things to our great, great, great grandchildren.)

Responsible? Not the Elderly!

Sadly, some of the "R" and "D" voting elderly that left us all with this crisis are still "living the dream" and staying uninvolved by choice. These elderly want their final days to be peaceful and positive. Now that they are retired and should have the time to get into politics and to take some action to fix the mess that they didn't have time to fix while they were working, they instead opt to play golf. Even most of their peers of these privileged few are caught up in the bad economy with their savings being depleted to the point that 13% of the folks over 65 live below the poverty level and off the good graces of their neighbors and offspring. Alarmingly, and in response to the pattern we've fallen into, we've seen even greater percentages living below the poverty level in younger Americans, i.e. 25% of children under 18 and 17% of adults between 19 -64. Unfortunately, most of those folks also don't take action either.

Life's not easy, but is it right to leave a mess behind you when you die? What does that do to your chances to enter the pearly gates? Where is your "founding fathers" attitude?

There are so many excuses. I've heard them all from every strata of our society, from kids to grand parents. Man, we are good at making excuses for ourselves. It's everyone and everything else's fault, isn't it? It's drugs, poor education, wars and hurricanes. It's everyone else's bum votes.

I've seen the products of the schools past generations started. Yeah, there are going to be less educated people left to deal with a more complex world. Your communism, i.e. republicanism and democratism, is falling apart around you. I sympathize with your reasons for being a "drop out."

No, "free" medical is not the answer for your sleepy retired, golf playing years. No, senior discounts shouldn't be your reward. You need to get off the couch and pay back all that you borrowed and stole. Don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-senior citizen, just anti-dead beat. If you're a senior and not a dead beat, then I'm with you. Don't give me this, "I worked for it all" attitude, especially if you've been registered a Democrat or Republican all your life. No that means your a "free luncher." Now it's time to have some coffee and get to work.

Before we go gallivanting all over the globe telling everyone else how to live, let's take care of business here at home. Setting an example is the greatest gift we can give to the planet. If you want to enter Heaven's Gate and if you want to restore America, it must start with a little "Declaration of Independence" made by you looking at the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Why Obama Sleeps with Ben Bernanke in the Federal Reserve

"They all NEED each other" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 23rd of January, 2010

In order for Barack "Goldman Sachs" Obama to do his thing, Ben Bernanke must open the gates on the Federal Printing Press. A responsible Fed Chairman (if there could be such a thing) would not give Obama the money needed for his communist agenda.

Remember, the Federal Reserve was created to enable the government to spend more than it takes in. You could blame the whole mess we're in on the creation of the Fed itself. Like Social Security and Medicare, it was a Ponzi scheme from the start. Ending all three might be painful, but in the end far less painful than letting the three continue. You might as well throw the Republican and Democratic parties out with the garbage, too. Then, we might actually see a cleanlier less hypocritical America in the distance. Don't hold your breath, but don't stick your head in the sand either. Too much has been spent to serve too few. Unless you want to see all of your grand children and great grand children on welfare, you best end these institutions and programs today.

Toyota! You Asked for It, You Got It!

"This isn't your daddy's Toyota!" - Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter), 2nd of January, 2010

UPDATE: MORE POSSIBLE EVIDENCE OF THE COLLUSION BETWEEN THE MEDIA AND CORPORATIONS: The Sacramento Bee doesn't get back to caller regarding Toyota Prius Hybrid battery failures. Toyota dealers are major advertisers with the paper. 1/31/2010

When Toyotas first came to America, you were promised a cheap car that wouldn't break down. They pretty much fulfilled that promise. So what if you could die in one more easily? They didn't promise you a long life now, did they?

Today, you get more than you bargained for—or should I say a lot less! Chances are that Toyotas are the "Found On Road Dead" car of the next decade; a title who's initials, F-O-R-D, used to represent the Ford Motor Company. AND, as Toyota prices for parts soar, they are also becoming the car of choice for things like catalytic converter thefts in California. Want your car attacked, get a Toyota. Why? The converters contain precious metals like platinum, rhodium or palladium. If you melt it down they can get $1,500 an ounce. Dumb thieves simply sell them to scrap yards for about $30. Toyota dealers then charge around $1,500 to replace them. In my city, 12 thefts were reported over the New Year holiday alone!

Today, like most large corporations in a "government bribable" society like ours, Toyota is the over promising and under delivering car of the century. Some of this could certainly be helped with a better board of directors and more astute CEO and a government who's politicians refuse to take the money.

With recalls up the yin-yang and astronomical repair costs, especially on hybrid battery replacements, one realizes that perhaps it is China's turn to try to be the next cheap sturdy car and that might not be a good thing in the long run. I seem to have enough trouble communicating with corporate America and the government it has bought and paid for. Imagine my dealing with a country who's language I can't speak and who's writing is even harder to decipher. Have you ever tried to return something to a Chinese company? Ever try Chinese technical support? In fact, were I there, I wouldn't be allowed to speak at all! Think of how every time we buy something Chinese we support a communist government and the development of that deep sea navy they are building.

In response to Toyota, Japan and China, I'd love to say, "Buy American," but I can't. American corporations and their government are fast becoming a division of China, Inc. I'd rather tell you to just walk to where you need to go. You might even feel better. Thank God for the advent of the home office and the ability to keep my car in the driveway most of the time. (However, I'm actually writing this from a very local coffee shop where the help goes to college and speaks English. One gal is actually planning on becoming an engineer, a drop in the bucket when compared to the engineers mass produced in China and India.) Anyway, sorry about that. I drifted yet again from my main point.

bad toyotaToyota motor sales said, in a December 23, 2009 article by Irv Miller, "Toyota has a well-earned reputation for integrity and we will vigorously defend it." I wanted to leave a comment there, too. However, that would be impossible because the link to leave a comment didn't work. Smart for Toyota and yet another strike against their so called integrity, something Toyota has lost over the past few decades.

Toyota gets a lot of money into our political system through American dealership and other 'round about means. For starters, along with the other car companies, they got away with government mandated EPA mileage postings that were absurd. Yes, your mileage will vary! They also wield tremendous power with the press because they are one of the newspapers last big advertisers. What newspaper would dare bite too hard on the hand that feeds it.

For me, Toyota represents the "beast incarnate."

I bought a Prius in late 2002. It was very expensive but it was cool. I called it a green, green, green car. Green #1: It promised high mileage, albeit way less than the stated 50 plus miles to the gallon. I only averaged 42 mph the first few years and 39 thereafter based on its own over stating information screen which goes through a mile faster than the government posted roadside markers prove. Furthermore, it didn't seem to do best in the city as promised. It always got better mileage on the highway. Perhaps the battery was never any good? Green #2: It promised low emissions. Well, it passed the smog check in California, but beyond that, only the sky knows for sure. Green #3: The car was painted green.

The first set of recommended tires wore out at about 20,000 miles. Not good; not cheap; and not environmentally positive. Remember that worn-out tire yard smoldering somewhere in Westley, California and now one in Texas? The added expense further diminished fuel savings. I’ve been through many sets of tires. The car now has almost 140,000 miles. That’s about 6 plus sets of tires.

In 2007, the Prius broke down in the fast lane on a Los Angeles freeway due to a malfunctioning computer responding to a malfunctioning part. Fortunately, it just cost a few days stuck in LA as Toyota finally recognized the huge flaw and paid to fix it.

The Prius's built-in GPS navigational system asked me to do numerous “U-turns” on Highway 65 headed to Marysville and of course didn’t even come with the current year’s neighborhoods added. If I obeyed, I would still be on Highway 65 doing u-turns 7 years later. The cost to replace the CD was $200 plus, more than it would cost to install a much better portable unit with hands free blue tooth service. What did I get? A $200 plus CD. Ripped off again!

This year the Prius's main hybrid battery failed. The service gal almost choked when she informed me that it could cost me over $4,000 to replace it and that Toyota wouldn't do a damn thing other than give me a one year / 12,000 mile warranty on a new one. Remember, this expense is at 139,000 miles and year 7.5. Again, not good, not cheap and not environmentally positive.

At about 90,000 miles I began to think about selling the car, I asked a Toyota employee how much it would cost to replace the battery if it went bad. He said about $800 and that he’d never heard of one going bad. Wrong! In fact, a lot of them go bad. And now that the breed is reaching the 7 to 9 year mark and more of them are achieving the 140,000 mark, I think too many of us will learn that buying a hybrid, let alone a Toyota, was a very bad financial move and that we may not have done the environment much good either.

Toyota is hurting from numerous recalls and a declining dollar causing their parts and service prices to skyrocket. They must now pay the price which will ultimately cost them far more than the $4,000 they could have spent to appease this past customer. As more and more folks complain on and other web sites, Toyota’s antiquated management may one day wake up to the fact that they are the piece of junk car of the next millennium. The chances that the big corporate wheels can respond to my petty complaint are almost nil. However, when we all speak out we have more than a snowball's chance in hell.

This brings us to a larger question.

What happens in an inflationary depression to corporations, like Toyota that already over promised and under delivered?

Most corporate CEO's are probably pretty out of touch with their bottom line folks and somewhat out of touch with the public in general. Perhaps they are too busy trying to get government bail-outs to protect their bonuses and pensions. One way or another, they are getting Joe Public to pay for their mistakes and misdeeds. Their old fashioned attitude is that they can simply market around all the bad news because most people won't ever hear it. After all, who reads newspapers anymore AND fewer folks pay attention to TV ads. In fact, there are so many silly ads out there that the public is getting more and more numb and angry as they turn to DVD's and the Internet for their entertainment. Let's face it. We're all getting a bit tired of being lied to by governments and large corporations no matter how under educated we've become. Corporate boards like Toyota's fail to realize how many people are seeking information from folks like me that got burned by folks like them. It's all over the Internet and just another reason why we're not listening to what's posted on their own websites. We know it's marketing hype and not to be trusted.

So how does Toyota "vigorously" fight back. They manipulate our government so that it will help them. They manipulate our media so that the bad news sinks to the bottom of our news diet. Don't our tax dollars indirectly go to help Toyota? What town doesn't want to have a Toyota plant employing its unemployed? What would that town do to win Toyota's business? How much of the town's soul is sold-out?

Then there is corporate charity, one of the most deceptive forms of advertising there is. Of course you pay towards that charity every time you buy a car. In other words, Toyota gets all the credit for helping some needy cause while they decide what needy cause your money is going towards. Yes, its another form of socialism that the average American enables. We are after all, the most co-dependent people on the planet. Wouldn't you rather have a cheaper car and then decide what charity deserves your money?

For the record, when I used Honda's chat to ask about the hybrid batteries, my contact told me parts was not available even though it was 10: am. pacific time on Friday??? Someone would call me. I thought that there were too many hoops to go through and that maybe Honda was also hiding the ugly truth about their own hybrids? I finally talked to parts and apparently Honda charges 1/2 to 2/3 what Toyota charges. He was kind enough to also let me know that when something major goes wrong with the hybrids it is usually a bad battery which they replace with a refurbished one. Their warranty is bettter than Toyota's at 3 years and 36,000 miles. Still, a hybrid is probably not an economical and perhaps not even environmentally sound way to go.

I went to hybrid and read this cutely worded piece of disinformation.

"There's no definitive word on replacement costs because they are almost never replaced. According to Toyota, since the Prius first went on sale in 2000, they have not replaced a single battery for wear and tear."

What can you do about it?

I don't get much credit for the fact that I actually present answers to problems in most of my articles. So there! I touted my horn and gave myself credit.

You are very, very powerful when you choose to use the force Luke! The Internet, until it becomes totally government controlled, is still a powerful mouth piece. Most people are still sheep, lemmings and ostriches, but you don't have to be one of them. You can go to sites and write your comments. When people find their spine and refuse to take the abuse from governments and corporations, a lot of good things can happen. Write your congressman. Call your state attorney general. Notify the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports. Tell all your friends or do like I did and paint it on your cars. Foreign governments and companies have figured out how easy it is to buy politicians that take their campaign money directly or indirectly. Clinton wasn't the first. Nor was he the last. Demand politicians that don't take the money. They usually won't be Republican or Democrat.

Most change starts with one person speaking truth to power. Governments and corporations are slow unwieldy arthritic beasts that usually exist because they bribe someone to protect them. If the general public is too entertained to get off the couch, then the price will be a ruthless totalitarian-corporate takeover of the planet and if we were to believe some avid conspiracy theorists, a planet that will be depopulated by the same forces that have eaten away at our freedoms. Basically, if you're too lazy to do anything about anything, the rich and powerful are offering to run it for you. They promise a free lunch, but at a high cost in both our wealth and our freedom. This is really all up to you.

Can you fell the love?

I think there are benefits to not being a sheep lemming or ostrich. Frankly, I love hanging with folks that have opinions and then take action. They are far more interesting and a real turn on. Why hang with boring people that watch TV all day and then spend their hard earned money on that which has been over-promised and then under delivered to them? Most folks I run into are pacified by the modern TV gladiators. Join me and get a life. Let's make the world a better place. Rome and its colliseums do not have to fall a second time.

You Invest in Securities Because You Fear Your Government

...Government induced inflation causes Americans to Gamble.

My generation grew up under the premise that a wise man invests in 401K's and IRA's so that the "Rule of 72" would eventually make him a millionaire. For some reason that few Americans investigated, we saw a really sweet Congress giving us tax deferred investment vehicles. We wouldn't have to pay taxes until after we made most of our money and were retired. This was the greatest American Ponzi scheme in a long line of Ponzi schemes. Today, for many of us, after the recent losses that keep much of America from even considering retirement, an epiphany has occurred. I think that some of us finally get it. Many of these folks, already seeing a bankrupt future, will seek government assistance to enable them to have some sort of dignity in their senior years. All of this will be placed on the backs of the younger generations who are none the wiser and more likely to create some sort of triage system with an age cut off.

How Did This Happen? Read the story

Your Checks are No Good Anymore

...If they come from Bank of America or Chase.

That's right. I said it. So sue me!

Chase Bank's online website slogan in California is "Welcome to Chase, We're Here for You!" We'll see about that.

The other day, I went to cash a Chase check at Chase in Rocklin California. Inside were various kiosks in the middle of the floor where their young tellers took people from the long line I waited in. Finally, I was greeted by a tall blonde. I told her I wanted to cash a check drawn on her bank. She winced as she began a lengthy explanation of the hoops that I would have to go through to cash their own check at their own bank

As she started, I thought about the checks I'd been cashing at Wells Fargo and how they had required that I offer them my Driver's Licence number, a credit card number and my fingerprint. I know how much I hate the invasiveness of Wells Fargo and wrote off banking with them long ago. Surely she was getting ready to inform me of the same kind of rotten thing at Chase. Read the story

The Only Good Republican or Democrat is an Ex-Republican or Democrat

The Betrayal of the Average Uninformed American

This morning I was listening to Obama and Biden.( I don't like using their titles and I don't consider them to be my president or vice president. I wouldn't call the godfather "don" either). Unlike most Americans, I actually know their political records and where their money came from, When I saw both of their lips moving, I knew I was listening to nothing but two liars, cheaters and traitors, This seems especially true for the middle class they claim to support. The history of these two candidates and their parties has been one action after another attempting to destroy everything offered by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They offer ever more government dependence constantly increasing the debt that got us into this mess while switching back and forth from corporate welfare to personal welfare.

Bailout upon bailout, they continue to suggest an increase in the money supply which is actually just another tax on the American people. While money may come out of thin air, wealth does not. Americans have never really understood this, not that these politicians would change an iota of their scheme. After all, these two clowns are representing one of America's largest crime syndicates, the Democratic Party. Before you sense an anti liberal slant here, I will tell you it would have made no difference had McCain and Palin been in their shoes. Since before Abraham Lincoln, we've had a series of horrible presidents and congressmen that reflected the average Americans' ignorance, apathy and laziness. This in turn led to numerous unnecessary wars, intense worldwide brutality and a shaken model that other countries fail to understand as they wonder why we continually insist that they follow our lead. In reality, both the Democrats and Republicans have been overselling freedom to the rest of the world while at home, they have been strangling it.

Some residents that inhabit our land will defend America's prosperity and rationalize the facts above with various platitudes that are passed on by the media and the politicians—all lies and half truths. Yes, it's all about power, money and control freaks looking forward to managing your life for you. This includes the Chris Mathews and Rush Limbaughs, theoretical opposites that in reality, deliver us unto temptation. These un-worthy residents are more than happy to hand over the reigns to these folks no matter how badly they will handle them. This cabal will drive the wagon clear off the planet. America is a train wreck in progress.

It doesn't take a Nostradamus to predict our future. Read the story

Why CEO's Get Away with Murder

Putting two and two together for the American People

Americans didn't listen to me when I went into cash last year. They didn't listen to the evidence about Obama and McCain prior to voting. They probably won't hear this message either. Anyway, here goes!

Ever wonder why CEO's make the big bucks? I've met and listened to more than a few. Most that I've met are no brighter than the rest of us, which translates into "not too bright." So why the big bucks?

First, understand that these boys and girls risk a lot living life in the "Big Bucks Bucket." Some CEO's have allowed their corporations to act as front offices for the Central Intelligence Agency. In other words, they are themselves, agents of the CIA. You could be a little corporation or a big one. It doesn't matter. You will know the skeletons in the agency closet. You can't easily do anything to them and they, in turn, can't easily do anything to you—"quid pro quo." Read the story

What Happened to America?

The Solution to our National Emergency is my Holiday Gift to the American People. I can lead you to the water, but I can't make you drink.

If you read my recent articles, or better yet, my book "The Government," you might recall that that work was a pricey affair at $49 bucks. It seemed only a few college professors thought it would be worth the money. However, had Americans bought that work, they would have been much more prepared for the current state of the economy and the deterioration of the American Empire. They would have better understood our place in the world and our relationship to China and the European Union. They could have already made plans accordingly. Instead, each new event seems to shock the average American when it should come as no shock at all. And even then, after all the bad news, they again allowed themselves to be conned into voting for what they considered to be the lesser of two evils. After all, what did Americans end up with but a terrible President Elect who cheated to gain office by not allowing other candidates to debate him. Actually, we cheated ourselves and got what we deserved for our almost total lack of honesty and discipline that would have stopped such shenanigans years ago.

So What Did Happen to America?

Soberly put, it was the American people that happened to America. In the beginning, when the Christian Europeans arrived, America was a harsh place where less than 13% of those that settled could expect to survive two more years. The land and those that were already here gave little room for dishonesty and any lack of discipline. You planted and nurtured the crops and if you didn't do everything right, you died. Ironically, many that came were funded by the welfare of the British Crown, which gave them hundreds of acres just to leave England. The new world would be a harsh awakening for an already toughened crowd. The weak would perish and the strong would set the underpinnings for what would eventually be known as the United States. Read the story


Politicians and Pundits are not being clear when they overuse the word CLEARLY. Remember what it really means when their lips are moving.

clearly |?kli(?)rl?|
in such a way as to allow easy and accurate perception or interpretation : the ability to write clearly | [as submodifier ] on white paper, the seeds are clearly visible.
• [ sentence adverb ] without doubt; obviously : clearly, there have been disasters and reversals here.

Your President (or somebody's President) spoke last week. While his lips were moving, it was clearly evidence of how he continues to lie and deceive the American people, not that Congress and the Media haven't joined him in the Great American Fish Story.

Yesterday it was Secretary Paulsen, who's use of the 2008 "fad word of the year"clearly, demonstrated how easily we all fall prey to the rules of the box we live in. He too, called for an increase in government intervention in the market place. Amazingly, that word clearly surpasses the use of the next fad word of the year, bail-out.

bail·out (blout)
A rescue from financial difficulties: corporate bailouts.

The word stems from the idea that when your boat is sinking, you bail out the water. However, unless the leak is fixed or land is in sight, your boat will still sink. Read the story


What IS Caesar's?
Clearly, the American People have very little understanding of ownership.
Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
25th of September, 2008, revised October 16, 2008

Sorry for the delay. I've been a little preoccupied with things that make money. I'm sorry for my readers that feel abandoned. However, my procrastination is also due to my wanting to write a very strong and important article that addresses our current long overdue crisis. Some of you will find my thoughts hard to believe. I tend to kid around so much you might think that I'm joking. Just keep in mind that I am deadly serious about most of it. I broke things down to their lowest common denominators. Unless you believe that 2 plus 2 should continue to equal 7 in the political world, I strongly suggest that you read carefully. Imagine what aliens might see as they fly overhead. Open your mind to the possibility that I might actually be right, and if not, am I more right than the Democrats and Republicans? If you're still too biased towards the big corrupt parties, then make sure you read the last few paragraphs. If that doesn't convince you, then I guess I can't win over all the people all the time. C' est la Vie!. Just remember that more people are registering Independent everyday and that's something that the Democrats and Republicans can't say, no matter how impossible the two dying parties make things for third parties and independents. Notice that the media isn't saying a thing about third parties. This is because the rich and powerful are becoming desperate as they realize that a growing number of Americans are no longer as ready to be treated like sheep. Read the story

Bundles of Love
Things could always be better!

Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
24th of May, 2008

I sat there listening to a group of Carlsbad seniors discussing politics and weighing in on whether Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would become the next Democratic contender to take on John McCain. Thanks to Obama, McCain can stay in people's minds instead of being forgotten until July or August. McCain has a limited amount of fame for having attempted, albeit unsuccessfully, to clean up American politics via the McCain-Feingold Act and others to supplement and enhance it.

The reason that the act failed so miserably is because evil finds its way into the system regardless of its laws. Our dilemma is that we let the devil into the system in the first place. Then we spend billions trying to get the devil to behave. The rich and powerful have always run the political planet through less than ethical means. I think most of my readers would agree or they wouldn't be here in the first place. In the ancient tradition, the Republican and Democratic parties have come up with new creative ways to circumvent the intent of campaign reform laws.

In the end, since in a democracy we are technically the rulers of our destiny, the faults in the system are ours. Revealing who contributes money is convenient and links to abound on this website. However, this does not clean up the system, partly because few pay attention and mostly because it endangers the essence of our democracy and the secret ballot that protects voters from retribution from employers, landlords and the government itself. Read the story

Tag 'em and Bag 'em

Voter Registration and Outreach Invades America

Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
19th of April, 2008, updated 21st of April 2008

Americans tend to take pride in our Democracy and how we are free to vote for those that run our country. We all know that the process has numerous flaws and is very, very costly. We know that "snowbirds" still vote in Florida, that politicians still pay their families on staff exhorbinant salaries and the politicians that loan themselves money can repay themselves with 33% interest. Right now you have a government that works for lobbyists. Opensecrets shows that 2.8 billion was spent on lobbying congress alone. Yes, there is a lot that doesn't sit well with American digestion.

Still, there is also a lot that Americans don't understand about how their democracy has been compromised and all but eliminated by the election process. There is no doubt in my mind that it is time for a change that goes way beyond Americans re-registering as Decline to State (DTS) or independent voters, partially free from party rhetoric and corruption. Politicians can create all the political reform laws they want and the corruption will still get worse. Right now, many of us must disclose our contributions which can jeopardize our home and work lives. "What if the boss finds out?"

"We the people" must demand clean politicans from the get go, ones that won't take the money from special interests and folks that live outside their districts.. Until "we the people" become responsible, we certainly can't expect responsible politicians to represent us. Read the story

American's Abdicate Their Thrones

We have become great enablers of Evil

Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
17th of April, 2008

Theoretically, in America, we are all Kings and Queens. "We the people" run the show through the world's first constitution. The founding fathers thought that was better than rule by one man or woman or small group of men and women. They thought we could do a better job than the King of England and its Parliament. Today, we find that Americans have abdicated their thrones with a variety of excuses that you can easily imagine. Through our laziness and poor judgment of character, we have allowed the Republican and Democratic parties to represent us. We do not take responsibility for their actions and continue to blame the party representatives while reelecting them to office. There is nothing logical about America. Perhaps there never was. In America, two plus two equals seven. Read the story

Presidents' Day Special

Americans have abdicated their thrones. Where to now James?

Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
18th of February, 2008 (President's Day)

Last night, I saw "Elizabeth - The Golden Age" DVD. This morning I got to the coffee shop by 8 a.m. I am so entertained and well fed.

Liz, who works the counter, told me the names of the commonly accepted first five presidents in order and told me she could name all 50 states from west to east. Cool! At 8 a.m., with my memory, I could not keep up. It was the perfect beginning to my Presidents' Day special.

In George Washington's day, many folks wanted him to be our king. Legend has it that he turned it down because he felt the United States should be different. Instead, "we the people" would be king. As time passed, most Americans gave up their sovereignty anyway. It required too much discipline, honesty and responsibility and would take time away from television. We say the "Pledge of Allegiance" as though it were a part of the Constitution, the document which literally took away all our property and freedom in one fell swoop. Today, people that believe that this was not the case, show their so-called patriotism by buying flag shirts and pasting stickers on the windows of their cars. Meanwhile, Jefferson and Washington's disappointment surely churns the soil beneath their graves! Read the story


The North American Free Trade Agreement is Anything but Free

Michael Patrick Murphy, Registered Independent - February 9, 2008

People may wonder why it took me so long to write about this. My reason is that I ought to read the full agreement before commenting. Despite my own propensity to read lengthy books like "Nixon's Memoirs" and Bill Clinton's "My Life", in the end, I reconsidered. After all, if the prolific reader Bill Clinton didn't read it all before signing it into law, then why should I? Therefore, after NOT reading all of the thousands of pages that constitute the NAFTA agreement, I woke up this morning with a not so unusual epiphany that NAFTA is anything but free if not for any other reason than that the benefits are not outweighed by the cost in time it takes to read the damn darn thing! This is especially true when we consider that the title alone portends of a greater fabrication under the covers.

For one thing, none of the countries involved experience free trade on their own or collectively. For another, we don't have anything to trade in the first place and I'm not just talking about our lack of manufacturing in the U.S.

Lastly, we hear a lot of complaining about NAFTA which begs the question that a lot of folks are asking. Do the complaints have merit?

Most names given to things by the government intentionally mislead "we the people." I think the word "Free" in NAFTA is wrong even if it is politically correct. (Statements that are politically correct are seldom scientifically correct). Even the most intelligent among us, that don't specialize in understanding any given issue, are taken in by the governments' "grift." Read the story

Nelson Hultberg PhotoThe Plague of the Witch Doctors
by Nelson Hultberg

The Keynesian economic paradigm is a grandiose endeavor in sophistry and ideological criminality. This, in a nutshell, is the economic history of the 20th century. A band of collectivist ideologues (with the philosophical prescience of John Law and the moral compass of a pack of wolves) hijacked Western civilization. They have not guided our airplane bravely through the treacherous storms of reality as Washington and its professorial cheerleaders try to tell us. They have created the treacherous storms themselves. This is what human beings get when they attempt to extract more from life than they are willing to put in. Read the story...


CA Two Parties do the Two Step! - Public Policy Institute of California Judges Competition.

Michael Patrick Murphy, Independent - January 9, 2008

You have to be pretty dense, or out of touch, or both, if you don't realize the bias in the CA State Assembly or Senate, the two dominant parties, or the press. You probably also realize that Californians are political sheep, lemmings and ostriches–just not you. Yesterday, the Public Policy Institute of California presented a luncheon forum at the Sterling Hotel in Sacramento. Today, Dan Walters presented another mush article talking about the presentation.

The institute's David Lesher moderated the panel, which consisted of Senator Art Torres (Ret.), chairman of the CA Democratic Party, Duf Sundheim, former chairman of the CA Republican Party and Daniel Weintraub, a political columnist for the Sacramento Bee. Obviously missing, and unexplained by the panel, were any representatives of the Green or Libertarian parties. Since the topic was the growth of Decline to State (DTS) voters and third party stagnation, I think those parties would have had a lot to say and added a dimension to the discussion. I can imagine that even if the PPIC invited them, that Torres and Sundheim might have refused to attend, taking the air out of the whole event.

The other thing that was interesting was that the luncheon was "free" and I think many of the attendees came for the delicious spread put on by the hotel. I had additional motives. Read the story

Election 2008

Are Americans Honest and Disciplined Enough for a Democracy?

Michael Patrick Murphy, Independent - January 9, 2008

When a candidate runs as a Republican or Democrat, the candidate puts one foot in cement. He or she becomes beholden to their Party. When the candidate takes money from special interests via lobbyists or otherwise, he or she is then expected to perform as the money dictated. The candidate has then put their other foot in cement. Finally, when a candidate wears his religion on his sleeve to sell to religious folks, he or she ends up putting that which is between his or her legs into a third block of cement. This kind of a candidate can no longer fix what is broken in America. They can only stand in place and fill the job opening. They must kow tow and do as they are told. Not doing so becomes politically fatal. Read the story

Human Trafficking

CA Government Assists Human Traffic Trade - Advertises Otherwise!

Michael Patrick Murphy, Independent - December 23, 2007

Who can trust a Conservative Union Newspaper owned by the Liberal Sacramento Bee?

"Not I!" says this Independent. This weeks foray into incomplete journalism was a "Special to The Union." According to the article "Task Force Human Trafficking Report in California," the UC Berkeley Human Rights Center (UCBHRC) identified 57 forced labor operations in almost a dozen cities, between 500 individuals from 18 countries.

The intent is to make this sound like this horribly huge problem deserving millions, if not billions, of dollars of public attention. (It is in fact the largest criminal occupation in the world, not even tied for second!)

Let me put this in perspective by rephrasing. The UCBHRC identified 57 forced labor operations (Assuming that each operation is its own business, we're saying that out of 1,265,268 businesses, this industry represents .005% of CA businesses). almost a dozen cities (there are 958 cities in CA, that's means less than 2% of CA cities have forced labor operations). Now all of these stats represent the years 1998 to 2003. Does that mean you can divide the above percents by 5? That makes the former .005% into .001% and the latter 2% into .04%. Read the story

Ted Gaines

Spending Limit will Force Politicians to Get Deficit Under Control

Ted Gaines, CA District 4 Assemblyman
December, 2007

Recently, the non-partisan Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) issued their annual forecast of California's budget and fiscal situation, and the news was very grim.

In what should be a staggering wake-up call for my colleagues in the Legislature, LAO forecasts that California will face at least an $8 billion budget shortfall next year and multi-billion dollar deficits over the next several years unless lawmakers take action soon to get our financial house in order. Despite efforts this year to enact a state budget with a $3.6 billion reserve, California once again stands at the brink of a fiscal meltdown.

Yet the majority party in Sacramento continues to act as if they have their own printing press to make more money when we get into a budget crunch. On the very day that the report detailing our state's fiscal emergency came out, Democrats on the Assembly Health Committee pushed through billions of dollars in new government health care spending. It is simply unconscionable to even consider such massive new spending when our current financial house is in such disarray. Read the story

Money BillsFor the Record - Legislator pay Raises
California is suffering from an 8 billion dollar budget shortfall. Given our state's financial crisis, it is not prudent for me as a state legislator to accept a pay increase. At a time when we are asking state agencies and fellow Californians to make sacrifices, legislators must also make sacrifices. Therefore, I have rejected a pay increase of $3,110 that would have taken effect today. - Courtesy Gaines Gazette, December 2007

Libertarian Investment
Robert Page
Michael Murphy
Placer County Libertarian Party Treasurer

Every problem seems to be a government problem and every solution seems to require government spending—a Federal nanny with a club in one hand and a check book in the other!

President Bush has vowed "We'll do whatever it takes"...reminiscent of his terrorist rant, "Bring it on". In contrast to the actions of President Bush and Congress, a nation can't get rich through government spending. The government diminishes our own ability to spend, while incredibly, it also takes from those yet to be born! This, along with the cost of the undeclared War in Iraq (and many other places in the world), the exploding cost of Medicare and Medicaid and the rest of pork including spending $2 million to study a rain forest in Iowa, is adding hundreds of billions to a crippling National Debt. Read the story



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This Year's Big Chickens from the Bottom Up: Ted Gaines, Candidate for State Assembly; John Doolittle and Charlie Brown Candidates for Congress; Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Angelides, candidates for Governor. Read the story

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Ray Johnston, Senior Pastor at Bayside Church greets Bush at $2,000 fund raiser for John Doolittle at Serrano County Club in El Dorado Hills.* Read the story

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Most Americans believe, want to believe or pretend to believe in some form of Santa Claus. Are we Libertarians so different? Read the story

If I were a Communist!

Living in the most Republican County in CA is politically tough for me. If I think I've got it tough, what if I were a communist? Read the story

Reaching High School Seniors!
Libertarians have done only slightly better, but the Republican Party is doing far worse. There is hope on the horizon as folks flock away from the corruption of both the Democrat and Republican Incumbents. High School registrations are an important indicator of our future.

Read the story and see the statistics

Standing in front of a Herd of Elephants!
Everyone knows that Republican Incumbents and even some Candidates rule Placer County. Read the story

A Tree Falls in the Forest as Gaines Loses!
It was still snowing in Placerville last night.
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Because the Libertarian Party allows business the most freedom, why does business promote the Demopublicans? Read the story

Red Elephants!
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Arrogant Thieves!
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How to Handle the War in Iraq
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Roseville's City Council Soft & Cuddly?
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