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Presidential Racers and what you should have known before you wasted your vote on Obama or McCain. In effect, you doomed the American economy for at least 10 more years. And one more thing to racist blacks. it is not a black against white issue. Obama is not the second coming of Christ. He is just another politician doing the same things as those that came before him. You were easily duped into voting for yet another Democrat or Republican. Sadly, we all will pay for voter ignorance.

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Now go do the right thing and stop voting for the lesser of two evils. Voting for the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Are you insane?

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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" Independent voter)
Updated on the 13th of January, 2010

Placer County, CA is all about Republicanism. The problem here is that if you're a communist and really want to run for office here, you have to register Republican to get elected. Even the registrar of voters in our county seems to feel obligated to run as a Republican when registering Independent Decline to State would be much more appropriate for his position. Do you really want a Republican counting the votes???

Hence, as in most similar places in the United States, a lot of communists and other inappropriates are in office. The Republican Party loves big government and spending a lot of our hard earned money on redistribution of the wealth programs. Now you understand why that is. Wise Americans will choose to no longer support such a party and hopefully register Decline to State or Independent whenever possible. That's how you change the system. Further delay will cause further wars, economic disasters and an inability to cope with natural disasters. Fortunately, Hawaii doesn't even register you with a party at all. This sets one of the great examples for other more corrupt state elections departments, like California's, to follow.

The party's first and biggest sin is like the first sin of the Democrats in that it is headed by lobbyists representing special interests and corporations. They circumvent the intent and will of the governed to the extent that we are now a nation of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation.

The Republican National Committee (the first letters in common with the Comm-unism) 2009 Obama Agenda Survey was sent out with a slanted and biased questions where Obama is damned in the wording of the survey itself. The Republicans must assume we are stupid enough and blind enough to not recognize the slant. Will they publish this survey as representative of all the American people's opinions. Questions were worded, and I exagerate, "Do you think Obama is a cow or a rat?" Say the rat wins by one, then the Republicans can say, "In the recent "2009 Obama Agenda Survey" most participants concluded that Obama is a rat!" Obviously, if the survey is used in this manner, the Republican National Committee is the Committee of rats.

was sent out with slanted and bias questions inferring that Obama is an

Today, rather than admitting to the Ponzi scheme, our government is trying to bail it out by printing and borrowing money. The markets are unstable and smart folks are learning not to trust them. Unfortunately, the government, while again working for those that fund their campaigns, and the media also working for the same companies that advertise with them, are trying to restore the faith in those same securities that got us all in trouble in the first place.

The Solution is the End of the Corporate Markets as we know them.

Let them die. These were not great companies. These were not American companies. These were Mafia type industries. They lied, cheated and stole from their own customers as they are still doing today.

Let them fall. Those that pick up their assets can do so for 10 cents on the dollar and hence might be able to make some sort of payroll. Unfortunately, most investors are too smart to buy these industries and that's why the government is buying them. Nobody in their right mind wants them. They are dinosaurs living in a diseased land where government, that produces absolutely nothing bankrupts absolutely everything from homeowners to the banks themselves. The government is today encouraging banks to make bad loans. If they don't they threaten them with closure for having made prior bad loans. Yes, again two plus two equals seven. That is how our government has always worked. Americans need to become honest and disciplined and self reliant. They need to stop the madness by first demanding candidates that are not affiliated with the Democratic and Republican party in any way shape or form and that refuse to take the money from special interests and corporate sponsors. They need to get out of the insecurities markets and read up on George Washington's warnings to future Americans.

Ironically, it is we Americans that got ourselves into this mess in the first place. We abdicated our thrones. We got evil by voting for the lesser of two evils. We allowed ourselves to become Ponzied. This will not end until people become better informed and then take appropriate action. Me, I'm not holding my breath. It's game over! —especially in California. I'm filling the pantry with food, buying a home defense shotgun and preparing for the worse. I do not have confidence in the American people, but I hope that I'm wrong and will have wasted my money in such preparations. Still, I'm ready to trade in anything that isn't currency.

There's an old saying during the world's worst inflation ever as of 1795 that "It ain' t worth a Continental." I'm afraid that we've come full circle and we're there again. I'll trade my tomatoes for your potatoes, but don't give me worthless American cash or any other currency printed by some other mafia. And as for you Obama et al, I'll see you in hell.

On April 5 1933 President Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 making the private ownership of gold certificates, coins and bullion illegal, reducing the pressure on Federal Reserve gold. "The government is not always able to giveth, but it certainly can taketh away." - Michael Patrick Murphy.

I'm open. Write me if you think differently: mmurphy@americanliberty.org