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Michael Patrick Murphy, (a registered "Decline to State" voter)
11th of January, 2008

When I took over the site, the goal was to help the American people understand the poltics of our time and to give them good resources at their fingertips.

You might say, that as I find the time, I plan to list poltical organizations here. I will even open it up to some of the better Party affiliated or supporting organizations despite the fact that the Republicans and Democrats already have a huge Internet dominance. However, much of what they portray is either incomplete or extremely open to debate. This is not to say that my own articles are free of subjective interpretation. However, I think the average reader is here because they trust me and respect the years of dedicated research I have under my belt. Some have even gone so far as to purchase my works. You're here because I buy Hillary's biography and read the whole thing. I bought Ralph Nader's crashing the Party and Pat Buchannan's The Death of the West. I even read Nixon's Memoires which made Clinton's My Life seem like a small book. While you've been working at your job, I've been working at mine. This page is dedicated to the organizations that I believe are noteworthy. Please suggest your own by sending me the information to mmurphy@americanliberty.org.

Michael Patrick Murphy is the author of two books. The Greens and The Government, ISBN 0-595-30863-5. Both are available online or from your favorite bookstores by special order. Mike also ran for the California State Assembly in 2006.

Mike can be reached at mmurphy@americanliberty.org